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Cosplay Spotlight: CCG Entertainment!

Group Name: CCG Entertainment.

Where are you all based? All over Florida.
D-CAL: Daytona
D’Vinci & Spideywomack: Jacksonville
Jenna Elise: Treasure Coast/Port St. Lucie
Scarlett Rose: Deerfield Beach

How long have you been cosplaying?
D-CAL: 2 ½ years
D’Vinci: 4 years
Spideywomack: 3 years
Jenna Elise: 2 years
Scarlett Rose: Over 14 years

What characters have you all cosplayed the most? 
– D-CAL: Bucky Barnes Captain America and Superior Spidey
– D’Vinci: Captain America, two different versions (workout Cap, and Winter Soldier Cap), and Captain Spiderman. Kind of a Cap fan but my next cosplay will be League of Legends. But whooo…
– Spideywomack: The Great Saiyaman, Future Foundation Spiderman, Riot Symbiote Spiderman.
– Jenna Elise: I try to do as much variety as possible, but the one character I cosplay the most is Sailor Saturn. I do different variations of her, including an armored, punk, and hipster version of her.
– Scarlett Rose: Tifa Lockhart from FF7, Ahri from League of Legends, and Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games.

Facebook Fan Pages:
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Jenna Elise
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Scarlett Rose


How did you all meet & decide to form your group?
D-CAL: Well, It all started when Adam (D’Vinci) and Morgan (Spideywomack) kidnapped me for my 24th birthday and took me to Tampa Bay Comic Con. After that I was hooked, and we did it again the following year in more legit cosplays, where we met Jenna Elise as Phoenix. We connected with her at a few other cons over the next year, and she actually introduced us to Scarlett Rose at MegaCon Tampa where we all clicked, and now here we are!!


What do you all do for your day jobs or hobbies?
– D-CAL: Sales and Entrepreneur. So many hobbies to list but I’m an avid Heroclix player, gamer, and I’m very big on personal growth so I’m always trying to learn new skills etc.
– D’Vinci: I’m in sales/contracting for a workers compensation company. If you’ve seen Friends, my job is like Chandler’s…really hard to explain. No one really knows.
– Spideywomack: Information Technology.  Soccer, PC Gamer
– Jenna Elise: My day job is bartending for now. When I’m not working I’m usually just at home making cosplays, streaming on Twitch, and playing video games. I’m also currently working on creating my own business.
– Scarlett Rose: Horseback riding, costume building, event planning, writing, archery, and sword fighting.


Which of your cosplays have been the most challenging and/or the most rewarding and why?
– D-CAL: For me I’d Say my Superior Spider-man. This was my first time taking on a large build on for a cosplay (building my spider arms) it was challenging for sure I literally had to work on them until 2 hours before we left for the con toget everything right. I’m looking forward to revamping that suit this year.
– D’Vinci: Challenging… I’d say Captain Spider-man. Wearing spandex for 8 hours straight is tough. It’s tight, hard to see/breath, cannot go to the bathroom, and cannot eat (it’ll show) but it was rewarding hearing kids busting out with excitement and glaring at their hero, Captain Spider-man!
– Spideywomack: The Great Saiyaman for sure. I didn’t expect much response but a lot of people including kids knew who I was and when the kids are smiling at a con you know you have done a good job.
– Jenna Elise: My most rewarding would be my armored Princess Mononoke. It’s my most recent armor build but from concept design to finish it was all my own. I won a Best In Show with it and what really sealed the deal on making it the most rewarding was the feedback. I made the entire costume on Twitch and some of the people who watch the stream from beginning to end told me that I inspired them to build armor. I honestly never thought I would be an inspiration like that to people, so to hear that made all the hard work worth it.
– Scarlett Rose: That can be a toss-up, but some of the costumes I have built – like Katniss Everdeen’s chariot dress – required drafting my own pattern from scratch and working with difficult fabric. My next big one from League of Legends (for MegaCon Orlando) is definitely going to be my hardest thus far.


What is the best advice you would give other cosplay groups specifically?
– D-CAL: Don’t be afraid to meet new people and put yourself out there. Cosplay I’ve noticed allows a lot of people to break that barrier but once the costume is off keep doing it. Like I said I’m a big fan of personal growth so push yourself to be who you want to be and don’t let anyone stop you connect with people and help each other grow!!
– D’Vinci: Have fun with it. Making costumes is tough, but once achieved, its an amazing feeling. Being recognized for your work is extremely satisfying, walk tall, walk proud.
– Spideywomack: Make sure it stays fun. The moment it stops being fun is when it will reflect in the work. Personality and acceptance at Cons is huge to meeting people which goes for everyday life too.
– Jenna Elise: Hands down, communication is key. Just like any relationship or friendship, communication is so important, especially in a larger group. I’ve learned first-hand that keeping quiet and not expressing your opinions on something just makes you unhappy. This ultimately makes the entire group unhappy. Organization is also important for obvious reasons. And lastly, being in a large group, people are bound to have different ideas and tastes, so being open minded and accepting of new ideas/concepts is awesome!
– Scarlett Rose: To keep pushing forward and never give up. Also to help each other to learn and accomplish their cosplay goals. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, so tap into that to teach each other.


What one thing could the cosplay community do better when dealing with one another?
– D-CAL: I think people have to remember where you came from. I think the one thing that really bugs me is when you see some cosplayers gain popularity and they start to snub off newer cosplayers or longtime fans. I love that about people like Bane Bravo or even our own Scarlett Rose as they get bigger they still take time to be grateful and thankful. Cosplayers are a great community keep that going!!
– D’Vinci: I personally have never come across an issue in the cosplay world. Everyone is super friendly and respectful of each other. Keep the love folks!
– Spideywomack: If one cosplay doesn’t meet the expectations of another, just know there was still effort that went into it and it may mean a lot to whoever put together what they did. Just because a costume doesn’t have all the bells and whistles doesn’t mean they didn’t do a good job or aren’t having the time of their life.
– Jenna Elise: Just be accepting. Know that people come from all different walks of life and have their own reasons for loving and doing cosplay.
– Scarlett Rose: Be kinder and more supportive of each other’s work. We are all sharing the same love of all the fandoms. Compliment and support each other. Make new friends! That’s what this is all about!

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