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Review Brew: Wonder Woman Rebirth #13

Steve does what he has to do.

Wonder Woman Rebirth #13
Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Renato Guedes
Colors: Romulo Farjardo Jr.
Letters: Jodi Wynne
Covers: Liam Sharp & Brad Anderson; Jenny Frison
Editor: Chris Conroy & Mark Doyle
Asst Editor: Dave Wielgosz
Publisher: DC Comics

In the aftermath of the, The Lies arc, Etta is on the run, Barbara Ann is missing, Diana is catatonic and Steve is up the creek. We pick up immediately after Diana realizes that everything she thought she knew was a giant mind screw and she has utterly and completely checked out. That leaves Steve, the only other person where they are, period, to deal with the fallout. That fallout? Has a murder streak a mile wide and is armed to the teeth.

This issue is told entirely from Steve’s point of view and it’s an interesting take. While we always get plenty of Steve in other issues, we don’t often get a chance to look inside his head and view things completely from his perspective. We always get his emotions, through fantastic artwork (and I’ll touch on that in a moment) but we don’t usually get his thoughts. This issue changes that, showing us more of the man who is Diana’s best friend (yes, I rank him above Clark and Bruce) and just what he’s capable of when backed into a corner. Surprisingly (or rather unsurprisingly with how well Rucka knows and loves the characters), it works, much like the Barbara Ann issue, on multiple levels; showing us more about all the characters by narrowing the focus to one.

As for the artwork, having fully fallen in love with Liam Sharpe and Nicola Scott’s lush artwork on previous issues Renato Guedes work was a bit of a departure. However, I think it was a smart choice. There’s a sharp, almost knife-like quality to his work that is exactly what this issue needs based on the setting, and circumstances, that Steve and Diana find themselves in. While Sharpe and Scott’s work will always be my preferred choice, Guedes does a fantastic job of putting you in Steve’s head.

Overall this is an interesting, and ultimately heartbreaking, issue of Wonder Woman, that leaves you guessing as to what will come next and marveling at how well Rucka knows these characters, in every iteration.

Five out of Five booby traps.

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  1. That was singlehanded the worst comic book I’ve ever read. Rebirth is killing Diana


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