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“Game Mode” for Windows 10 will improve the PC gaming experience

Windows PC gamers take heed! The performance of your machines will soon be getting better!

On December 15th, Twitter user “WalkingCat” reported discovering a DLL known as “Game Mode” in the version 14997 (the most recent) build of Windows 10. This DLL (or “dynamic link library”) will improve the performance of PC games by minimizing resource usage by apps, and allocating the freed-up space to the whatever game is currently running, which will in turn allow the game to run smoother and faster.

WalkingCat also sent a second tweet, in which it was noted that it “looks like Windows will adjust its resource allocation logic (for CPU/Gfx etc.) to prioritize the “Game” while running in ‘Game Mode’.” The feature is not yet live, but those insiders who are part of the preview program should see it showing up soon.

Windows Central backed up this information, with their sources revealing that the Game Mode will work in a fashion similar to the way the Xbox One runs its games: by minimizing app resources, in order for the game to run at optimal performance. With the upcoming Creators Update, Windows 10 will soon have that option.

There’s one thing that’s not quite clear, though, and that’s whether or not the ‘Game Mode’ update will improve the performance of any games that are running on Origin or Steam, or if this update will only be specifically for Windows Store games. Regardless, it’s readily apparent that Microsoft is turning more of their attention toward PC gaming & the community, which makes sense seeing as many of the Xbox exclusive games are also published for Windows 10.

While the timetable has not been confirmed or denied by Microsoft on any official basis, we’re confident that the update will happen, and that it should benefit those PC gamers who use Windows 10 machines. Cross your fingers that ‘Game Mode’ will work on all PC games, and not just Windows Store games (c’mon, Microsoft…).

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