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Review Brew: Star Trek & Green Lantern s2 #1

Writer: Mike Johnson

Artist: Angel Hernandez

Colorist: Alejandro Sanchez

Publisher: IDW Comics

Price: 3.99

I enjoyed the first Star Trek and Green Lantern crossover a lot, it was fun and exciting. However, I wasn’t sure if this would be able to hold up to the original story. But, it most definitely did! The story was written by Mike Johnson, who has worked on books such as Superman, Supergirl, and Earth 2 World’s End. The story kept you in and excited for whatever was on the next panel. The dialogue was perfect, just like good old fashion Star Trek lingo that us Trekkies will recognize. All of the well known TOS characters really seemed themselves in this book. The Green Lanterns you love are all there, Hal, Guy, Kyle, the whole gang! Guy and Kyle are at Starfleet teaching some of the cadets about the power rings, whilst Hal and some other lanterns are off discovering and battling the dark threats of this universe!  This book is a fun read however, I did find the ending/set up for the next issue to be pretty predictable after reading the previous Green Lantern and Star Trek crossover. Though this is certainly not a drawback big enough to keep you away from the book.

Angel Hernandez is the artist for this book, he has worked on various DC titles such as some issues of Infinite Crisis: Fight For The Multiverse. The art has a nice, smooth look to it and the The Star Trek characters are modeled after the new Star Trek movie actors and are easily recognizable and detailed. Arguably one of the best things about the art in this books is how easily recognizable and different all of the characters are.

The comics colors were done by Alejandro Sanchez. The colors have shiny, smooth, modernized sort of look to them. Not to mention the beautiful vibrancy of them!

So there you have it, if you enjoy Star Trek and Green Lantern, you need to read this book! Great story, beautiful art, wonderful colors!

I’ve gotta give it a 4 Green Lanterns out of 5.



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