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The Sartorial Geek: Ways To Cosplay Everyday

One of the downsides of cosplaying for many is that its only confined to conventions, Halloween, and other special occasions. What if I told you that you could cosplay every day? No you cannot spray paint your body yellow and walk into the office dressed as Pikachu everyday (that would get you fired), but there are lots of items on the web that will allow you to add element of cosplay to your everyday life. While trolling I found these great items that will allow to coplay as some of your favorite characters every day of the week. Take a look at some of these items below.

This Assassins Creed inspired jacket is cool to use for your cosplay efforts, but it can also be worn perfectly as an everyday garment to inspire your inner assassin in your normal life.


This stylish men’s trench coat is very effective in channeling your inner Constantine. This winter long double-breasted overcoat is just as good in fighting off the forces of evil as it is fighting off the cold while trekking into the office.

For the ladies, this Harley Quinn Suicide Squad baseball jacket will be a hit with both your real life Puddin and with the convention crowd.

You can be a shinobi of Konohagakue with this Naruto Uzumaki jacket. You can be the Hero of the Hidden Leaf at the con and the club (if that’s your thing) with this item.


Go forth, multiply, and cosplay every day!

*Please note this is not a paid post for However we will take your money if offered LOL.*
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  1. Good job! Very helpful. I want to start cosplaying as Supernatural characters.


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