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Review Brew: Angel City #3

Writer: Janet Harvey
Artist: Megan Levens
Colors: Nick Filardi
Publisher: Oni Press comics
Price: $3.99

Angel City was a title I wasn’t expecting to really enjoy. The comic has a strong female lead and has a noir tone to the plot. This issue follows Dolores Dare, as she infiltrates the Ambassador hotel. Hoping that she can get, one step closer to finding out who killed Frances Faye. The story is still good, and keeps you interested in what’s going on. With the introduction of Aggie Underwood, she reveals some startling information about the Ambassadors hotel. Janet Harvey’s writing is top notch, and gets you invested in the story. She does an amazing job at making us care about Dolores, and adds some character development to her. She even adds in a rather gripping conversion with losing one’s innocence and working in the story of Persephone. I did want the story to move faster, as we are a few issues away from the ending. The pacing was fine, but this issue is dialog heavy, so be wary of that.

The artwork is impressive, and captures the time period perfectly. I love the characters designs, as they’re simple, and elegant. Panels flow nicely together, and makes it easy to follow the story. I did like the use of items in the story being used in the panel itself. There’s one problem I had, and it’s Dolores hair, as it looks squashed together in some panels, and spread apart more in others. I just wanted a little consistency with her hair, and have her hair spaced apart more. The colors are great, and adjust nicely to the art in the title.

Angel City #3 isn’t bad, I had a few issue with the title, but overall it was an enjoyable read. The writing is great, art is superb, and colors shine. Also, check out the information at the end of the comic about “Girl 27.”

4 Dolores Dares out of 5

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