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DC Rebirth Roundup for December 14, 2016

Deathstroke #8 (Priest/Hama/Pagulayan/Paz/Parsons/Cox): Deathstroke has been a marvel to follow, but Priest has largely eschewed the lure of a huge fight like in the previous two volumes of Deathstroke. But here, Slade Wilson picks the most outclassed fight he possibly could: Superman. And surprisingly it’s actually a very even and nuanced fight. Hama and Pagulayan pack every bit of tense action where Deathstroke is essentially outracing a god in order to complete his mission, meanwhile the game of four dimensional chess that Slade and his ex-wife continue to play becomes more and more brutal. If you’re looking for a comic that’s going to give you every bit of bang for your buck: start here.

5 out of 5 Earpieces

Flash #12 (Williamson/Gianfelice/Plascencia/Sotomayor): Flash has been quite a read compared to its television counterpart. Not that they are that different when stripped down to bare parts, but the comic has largely shown more of an effort to make three dimensional characters on Williamson’s part. And Flash has such a distinct look with artists like Gianfelice following up on the work of Neil Googe. It’s nice to see the Shade again, without resorting to erasing the decades of history James Robinson imbued him with in Starman. That said, it’s been fun to see the book embrace a legacy aspect again: both in terms of the stewardship of a character like the Shade, and that being paralleled by Wally being such a major part of the book.

4 out of 5 Shades

Detective Comics #946 (Tynion IV/Barrows/Ferreira/Lucas): The Victim Syndicate has been an interesting arc. While there’ve been plenty of “Does Batman actually harm Gotham?” stories done before, but this one actually is fairly plausible given that it comes in the immediate aftermath of Tim Drake’s death, and the fallout that’s poisoned the relationship between Batman and Spoiler. Tynion for his part gives everyone, even the v victims fair reasons for doing what they do, and for once Batman isn’t going on a violent spree and is trying to understand the people he’s hurt. That’s all amplified by Barrows’ ability to give his characters great acting and communication to work in hand with the script. While it may not have gotten enough attention initially, Detective Comics may well be one of the most important Batman books going right now.

4 out of 5 Spoilers

Supergirl #4 (Orlando/Ching/Atiyeh): Supergirl has been an interesting book to read. While it’s easy to see why it adopted the TV show’s status quo, it is also adapted it in a way that allows it to distinguish itself both from the show and the other Superman comics out there. Moreover, it took one of the more out there retcons from the New 52 of Cyborg Superman being Kara’s dad and ran with it. The idea of Kara still being a fresh immigrant who has found family, and is torn between her own is fairly familiar, but Orlando makes it  heartfelt in this instance. Brian Ching has also been a great source of joy in this comic, unlike many other depictions in the last decade: Kara is pretty blatantly youthful compared to the more titillating interpretations in the past. All things being equal though, you’re in for a fun ride, especially if you enjoy the television show.

4 out of 5 Cyborg Supermen

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