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Spider-Man: Homecoming Official Trailer

Marvel Universe lovers rejoice! We, the viewers, have finally received our first look at a stand alone Marvel Spidey movie, and the trailer didn’t disappoint.

What was lacking in the previous renditions of the exploits of Peter Parker (Tom Holland)  are on full display here, the geekiness of a high school loser, the starry eyed love from a distance of MJ, and of course the joining of other MU characters, with Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) front and center in the mentor role for Parker.

The Vulture is an iconic enemy, ignored in the cinematic universe for far too long. Introduced in the second issue of Spider-Man, the villain has taken 50 years to reach the silver screen. In this case, Michael Keaton will get his chance to chomp scenery as the bad guy, which is very intriguing.

it looks like we will finally get the Spidey we deserve. What are your thoughts, dear readers?


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