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Review Brew: The Walking Dead #161

We are nearing the end of the six part series labeled “The Whisperer War”, and with any war, the action is intense. Let’s dive in directly where #160 left off:

  • Lydia continues to prove that she is no longer a Whisperer follower, but a queen of badassery. She kills the dead and her old chums alike in a wave of gunfire, and when the ammo is used, she goes all Michonne on their asses with a borrowed sword.
  • Carl lives up to the Grimes name, ushering Sophia, baby Hershel, and others from Maggie’s house. He then stays behind to rescue others that are trapped, risking his own life, which thanks to a random explosion, is in great peril. Lucky for him, Aaron has his back. Carl lives to fight another day.
  • Heath and Vincent debrief Rick on what has transpired with the Saviors. Rick and Andrea now realize that if they are successful against the Whispering hoard, they have another immediate threat to stare down.
  • Connie has suffered a walker bite on her arm and Magna removes it for her. Dwight is enraged at Negan, who is sitting in a pool of his own tears, mourning the loss of Lucille. One of these days, Negan and Dwight are going to kill each other.
  • Tara returns to the Sanctuary to inform Sherry that Heath and Vincent refused to accept the horse back and that they have a Rick problem. Sherry conveys that she has full confidence in Rick’s ability to destroy the Whisperers, and that when he does, that is when the Saviors will reclaim their dominance in the region.

#161 is an action packed issue, every panel is geared to highlight the horrors of war. From the legion of mowed down Whisperers to the undead to the Hilltop residents struck down, Kirkman and Adlard continue the story with heart and conviction. It is satisfying to see that even though the group has endured so much, Carl still takes care of his own, Eugene steps up with a midnight ammo run, and the woman warrior Lydia comes into her element. It is also exhilarating that the plot keeps the central story going to it’s apex, while building the framework for the next series. One more part of the Whisperer War to go!


5 homemade bullets out of 5

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