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Review Brew: Savage #1 of (4)

Writers: B. Clay Moore
Artist: Clayton Henry & Lewis LaRosa
Colors: Brian Reber
Publisher: Valiant Entertainment
Price: $3.99

Savage #1 follows famous soccer star Kevin Sauvage, his wife, and child, as they crash land on a mysterious island. After surviving the crash, Kevin begins to explore the island, and finds out there’s dinosaurs inhabiting the island. The premise is solid in this first issue, and leaves you with more questions than answers. The writing is really good, and explores the relationship of Kevin, and his wife Veronica. I have to say, Moore gives enough backstory to care about the characters. The interaction between the two was handled well, and you can tell, Kevin has some insecurities in their relationship. The pacing was fine, and things unfold slowly. The beginning and end of this issue, does give you hints at what’s to come, and what to look out for in the future issues. Also, I’m curious as to who the teenager is, since the story does hint at him being the son of Kevin. Over the next three issues, I hope we find out.

The artwork for the issue is split between Clayton Henry and Lewis La Rosa, with the latter doing the opening pages of the title. The opening pages look great, and detail went into is astonishing. The fight between the dinosaur and teenager is brutal and fantastically depicted. I love the design of the teenager, as he has a feral appearance with noticeable scars across his body. He even carries various weapons made from dinosaur bones. Clayton Henry does an amazing job showcasing the story of Kevin and Veronica. His linework is incredible and makes the characters look gorgeous. The scenery is beautiful, and shows of the island features. Brian Reber’s colors makes the environment, and characters look glorious.

Savage #1 is phenomenal, and it has a rather interesting premise to it. The writing is solid, the art is mindblowing, and the colors bring it all come together. The story does leave some questions as to what is happening, but I can’t wait for the answers to unfold.

4.5 Savages out of 5

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