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Falling Water S1:E4 Recap

Time to go on the offense…

Falling Water on USA

Castles Made of Sand

Andy, our disappearing dreamer from the first episode, comes back with a vengeance in this episode, tasked with finding The Boy. This leads to him stalking Tess, both in the real world and in the dreamscape and that….backfires. Big time. Speaking of backfiring, the Lady in Red pulls Burton to her again. Except this time Burton, who is increasingly able to control what’s happening in his dreamscape, demands she answer his inquiries. When she doesn’t, at least not to his satisfaction, Burton takes over the dreamscape and literally opens a door to a whole new world of questions.

Meanwhile, things take a very interesting turn between Take and Sabine as they come to an understanding regarding Alice. They decide to work together to get Alice to open up regarding the cult, leading to Take being exceptionally attractive as he goes into full interrogation mode. Sabine (who knows far more than she’s letting on) seems to like it as well and they end up going out on an impromptu date. It’s all very cute until it’s…not. I won’t spoil it for you, but let’s just say we’re in new territory for real.

Things Dreamt Of

  • People, if the bad guys are at your door and you have weapons and an alternate escape route? Let them come to you. Bottleneck them mofos until you can’t, then get out. Basic tactics.
  • Tess’ need to distance herself from the sensory input of the world, via her camera, comes into play in a truly sad way.
  • One of my favorite character actors, Thorsten Kaye, shows up long enough to break your heart. It’s devastating.

Things really get moving this episode as all three of our leads begin to be more and more proactive and start harnessing their abilities. It’s on.

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