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What’s your Favorite Video Game Trophy or Achievement?

Let’s start a discussion. Most if not all video games now come with built-in pats on the back called Achievements or Trophies. Some are hilarious, while some are badges of “Hell, yeah!”

The point of this post is simple: you tell us your fondest memory of that little b-doop or bring sound effect that let the whole world know “Yay, you did it!” or “Really? You did that?” Then we all just chat about it and have some fun.

I’ve provided five of my own to get the ball rolling.

“Was that Really Necessary?” from Rise of the Tomb Raider–So I’m playing ROTR, exploring a cave, when a warthog comes charging at me. I snatch up my bow and fire at its face. KA-BOOM! Apparently, I had the explosive arrows on. Kill any animal in such a violent manner and the game will give you that wry look.

“Eye of the Hurricane” from Mass Effect 3–To get this, you must kill a Brute AS it’s charging at you. A Brute is a massive, hulking death monster that charges pretty often, and if you choose to shoot rather than dodge, it can instantly kill you if it doesn’t die. But y’all, there is nothing so satisfying as a winning a cinematic game of chicken with the proverbial train.

“Let’s Try One More Time” from Deadpool–This game’s hilarity extends to the achievements. At one point, Wolverine is unconscious and you can choose to slap him awake or leave him. Again and again and again. Eventually, even Deadpool gets tired of smacking an adamantium jawbone and gives up, but the game congratulates you for having the cojones to slap Wolverine over and over again.

“The Chicken Kicker” from Fable II–Yes, I kicked a chicken. I just wanted to see what would happen. No need to shame me for curiosity, game, sheesh!

“Gunless Wonder” from Alan Wake–You must make to Cauldron Lake without firing a single shot in ”On the Road to Cauldron Lake.” Fortunately, the key word is “shot,” so you can use flashbang grenades and flare guns, but ammo is scarce on both. The skill it takes to dodge enemies, run to light points, and know when and where to use your ammo fills you with an epic catharsis when you finally reach the end of the level.

But enough about me. What are your favorite video game achievements and awards? Tell us in the comments below.

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2 Comments on What’s your Favorite Video Game Trophy or Achievement?

  1. I’d say Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II. There’s an achievement called “Poor Bob” where you have to Force Grip a trooper, impale him with your saber, zap him with Force Lightning, and then throw him into something.


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