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Supernatural S12:E4 Recap

Sam and Dean’s many issues coming to the forefront.

A priest is performing cantor when a young woman walks into the church, speaking in tongues and bleeding from her hands and feet. Yes, dear readers, we’ve got ourselves a full on stigmata situation. It is even more horrifying because it is still happening: we watch as she gets whipped by an invisible cat ‘o nine tails, gets more wounds on her arms and face and finally collapses, blood leaking from her mouth, at which point the entire church finds Jesus with the quickness.

Sam and Dean head out to investigate, and while Sam wants to talk about the Mary shaped elephant in the room, Dean falls back into his usual mode of suppress, suppress, suppress. Unfortunately for Dean this episode is all about bringing up his past trauma, what with our young lady from the top of the hour being a CPS worker. Sam doesn’t fare much better as the investigation into her cases leads to family of recluses who seem perfectly nice but have some questionable ethics. Both let their previous experiences and prejudices (and Mary’s decision to bounce for a bit) color their handling of the case, leading them to miss some huge friggin red flags that they normally would’ve seen.

It all ends in tears, literally, but the boys seemingly are able to save anyone else from getting that invisible whooping. However, and again normally they would’ve noticed this, their unaware of the fact that they’re being tailed. It seems Mr. Ketch has arrived in America and is keeping an eye on the Winchesters.

Nothing good will come from this.

Book Of Lore

  • Apparently Sam is a fan of Vince Vincente. Dean is unimpressed.
  • The sweaters the boys wear as CPS workers deserve their own twitter account, for real.
  • The show dropped so many Carrie shout outs that you should actually rewatch/re-read it again.
  • Dean, even in the midst of emotional trauma, will always get them digits.

The episode ends with confirmation that the British Men of Letters are the absolute worst and me rooting for their complete and utter destruction down to an atomic level. If anyone can pull it off it’ll be the Winchesters and it cannot happen soon enough.

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