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Review Brew: The Walking Dead #160

Writer: Robert Kirkman
Art: Charlie Adlard
Publisher: Skybound/Image
Release Date: November 2, 2016
Price: $2.99


Last issue brought us the real start of the Whisperer conflict, with Negan assisting the group in the fight. But while doing his beat down thing, Lucille splintered in his hands, sending him into despair. Can he overcome the end of his precious bat in time to make a difference in the still raging battle?

The long walk home..

Vincent is on his way home from the Sanctuary on foot after not only getting rejected by the Saviors for his call to arms, but also having his horse confiscated as well. Lucky for him, Heath was roaming the area to give a walker kill assist and a much needed ride. Tara went after Vincent to return his horse, but once confronted by Heath, it is clear that the Saviors want nothing to do with the Whisperer war. It looks like once this conflict is resolved, we could be looking at another battle with the Saviors.

Your face is like a mask..

Dwight takes a page from the Whisperers playbook to turn the tide on the enemies in close proximity, using the dead’s skin as masks. Michonne does her samurai thing and destroys the roaming Whisperers. Laura suggests that they make the face masks part of their regular practices but Dwight rejects that thought process as it takes away all dignity from the tragic walkers.

Glenn is still my #1

Wiseguy Dante requests a meeting with Maggie, suggesting that Sophia watch Hershel. He states that while he flirts and jokes, he is entirely serious in that he has feelings for her and wants to be her one and only. Maggie squashes that idea, stating that the long deceased Glenn was, is, and will always be the only man for her.

Let the battle for Hilltop begin 

Carl wakes up with Lydia next to him in the middle of the night and decides to take a stroll. As he approaches the gates, he notices flames high in the night sky. He soon realizes that they are in fact flaming arrows and that Hilltop is under attack. He runs to warn all, with numerous Hilltop residents falling victim to the arrows. The flames engulf Maggie’s home with Sophia and Hershel still inside. As she rushes off to rescue them, Lydia is confronted by a Whisperer, telling her that they are there for her and it is time to go home. She tells him that she is home as she blows his head off.

The Walking Dead #160 is absolutely packed with story-line and action, with Kirkman  bringing a lot of the loose threads to bear while deftly setting up a possible next phase with the rebellious Saviors. Adlard continues his sixteen panel pages, which help bring the action together, especially during plot transition periods. There is never a chink in his armor as far as the art goes, it continues to be sublime. This was an exciting issue of the long standing book, which shows zero sign of slowing.

5 flaming arrows out of 5


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