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The Flash- Season 3: New Rogues

We are approaching peak Silver Age Flash, because we’ve finally got Mirror Master on the scene, and Wentworth Miller is back making hammy puns from the word go. That is the Flash I know and love. Any episode that has Captain Cold making three puns in less than a minute is one worth watching. Also, the episode deals with a more familiar mode of Barry Allen for fans of the comics. While Jessie has powers like Barry’s, he’s had them for several years at this point, and having Barry actually be self-assured as opposed to constantly wet behind the ears is great. It makes the show more fun as it allows its reach to expand, and it gives Jessie a chance to have a more front and center angle within the cast. It also reveals new depths for Harry as an overprotective father when Jessie and Wally pretty clearly start hanging out as more than friends, which is a lot more fun than the show’s center-stage romance.

At this point Barry and Iris as a couple that transcends time, space, and the multiverse is just a fact of life we have to live with. The show (unfortunately) tries to deal with Barry being an adoptee of the West family, and it goes to some really awkward places in their attempts to address it. Where this episode shines is when it puts the focus on Jessie and Wally, or the villains of the week: Mirror Master and The Top. While I’m personally a fan of the second Mirror Master, as well as the Rogues being armed with science fictions guns like the Heatwave and the Top, I can appreciate the convenience of tying it to the particle accelerator (remember when that was the source for new villains of the week?). Either way, it serves its purpose in this episode with Barry and Jessie dealing with the wreckage of a vanished Captain Cold, and leading to a great sequence with Barry being trapped in a mirror.

That said, the show tends to work best when it sticks to the main cast or stars like Wentworth Miller. Damon Gray doesn’t really add much to the proceedings as Mirror Master, and neither does Ashley Rickards as the Top. While they’re both alright as villains of the week, it says everything when a Flash episode can run on minimal Captain Cold and still come out looking good. The episode keeps most of the current plots in a holding pattern but addresses Barry’s living situation and the Wells’ two lives on two earths, giving us a fun sequence of Tom Cavanagh getting a brief chance to play different ranges of Wells.  At any rate, even a layman episode of Flash is better than what the third season gave us for an opening salvo, and hopefully it’ll lead to more fun episodes again.

4 out of 5 Broken Mirrors

  • I’m gladdened that Evan McCulloch warranted a mention as the Earth-2 Mirror Master, as well as being notably more classic. Does this mean we’ll finally get the laser pistol packing Scotsman this show deserves?
  • I’m really hoping Caitlin’s Killer Frost status is addressed sooner rather than later, even if it did give us that really creepy shower sequence and hair do-over.
  • What are the odds someone will address that we live in a multiverse of possibilities where trans-earth travel is easier than a plane ride? You can make it work kids!
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