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1/6 Model Robotech fighter spotted

If you are an old school Robotech fan, these pictures should give you life!  Apparently a Japanese Facebook group spotted this in Japan and the pictures have been making the rounds.


According to the translation, this is a 1/6 scale version VF-1S  Valkyrie plane piloted by Roy Focker.

While no info has yet to appear as to what convention hosted the model, the details of this model are exquisite!


There has to be some model builders out there who would love the challenge of having this in their home.


If there is any information that anyone can find about where this is and who built this model, please let us know in the comments below.  Meanwhile, some of us would dream and drool and perhaps getting an updated Robotech cartoon one day.

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  1. This is GLORIOUS!

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  2. It’s Macross, not Robotech. It was built last year for a Shoji Kawamori works exhibit. He’s the designer of the VF-1 Valkyrie, and one of the main creators of “Macross”.

    All Robotech did was take the animation from the three seperate, totally unrelated series “Macross”, “Southern Cross”, and “Mospeada”, throw the story out the window, edit with a chainsaw, and mix all 3 in a blender; then give no credit whatsoever to the original Japanese creative staff.


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