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In honor of the 27th Treehouse of Horror and the 600th episode of the show, here is an arbitrarily ranked list of segments.

Ranking anything to do with the Simpsons is a daunting task, not only because of how beloved the show is but also because of the insanely rich catalog of material. Plus, it’s not like I’m trying to rank the non-Simpsons characters by level of awesomeness because that’s easy. It’s:

1) Groundskeeper Willie

2-sideways 8) everyone else in who cares what order you put them in

Instead, since they just aired Treehouse of Horror XXVII last night (and since you can watch all the Treehouses of Horror HERE)I thought I’d rank the top 20 ToH segments by the very unscientific metric of “which ones I like the most”. So…


1) Citizen Kang

This has moved to the top of my list because in all honesty if Kang & Kodos were running for President right now I’d give either one even odds of winning outright. Added bonus: THIS (go ahead throw your vote away)


2) The Shinning

All I need to say about this is “No beer and no TV make Homer something something…”


3) Attack of the 50 Foot Eyesores

I’m still waiting on my fat free fudge cake that doesn’t let us down in the flavor department like so many others (AND my colossal doughnut).


4) Clown w/out Pity

From the looks of things in the world right now a lot more than the doll has been switched from good to evil. This segment is even funnier now because of the copious use of the word “frogurt”.


5) King Homer

That this segment is better than Peter Jackson’s King Kong says volumes about both.


6) Terror at 5 ½ Feet

William Shatner would be beaming with pride if he hadn’t botox-ed the ability to do so out of his face.


7) Time and Punishment

Old and busted: Chocolate Rain

New hotness: Doughnut rain

Bonus points for the Mr. Peabody & Sherman cameo.


8) Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace

More Willie. MORE WILLIE!

(no, I DON’T care how dirty it sounds)


9) Nightmare Cafeteria

I particularly like this one because I can see how continued budget cuts could cause this to happen in a school in real life one day. My money is on it being in Mississippi.


10) The Genesis Tub

Science projects involving teeth and arguably the first time Professor Frink was used to his fullest potential.


11) Homer3

I’m also still waiting on my erotic cake. Plus, the looks on the faces of the people when Homer is walking past them is pretty much perfect.


12) The Thing and I

As a rule the Treehouse of Horror segments are not canon, but if they made Hugo real, making Bart the evil twin I would not be in any way shocked. Now that I’m in my 40s I just think he’s a brat. #GetOffMyLawn


13) Hungry are the Damned

Rigel IV sounds lovely, but the not getting HBO is a total dealbreaker.


14) Starship Poopers

Marge, you ignorant slut.


15) It’s the Grand Pumpkin, Milhouse

A perfect blend of the Simpsons and Charles Schulz’s Peanuts.


16) Bad Dream House

From the 1st ever Treehouse of Horror, it set the bar and really gave the still developing characters some material to work with.


17) Night of the Dolphin

Maybe we would have been better off if the dolphins had just left after thanking us for the fish.


18) The Devil & Homer Simpson

Because of COURSE Ned Flanders is the devil.


19) Dial “Z” for Zombie

From “Is this the end for Zombie Shakespeare” to “He was a zombie?” this is a phenomenal bit of fun.


20) Hell Toupee

When all else fails I will judge a segment on how quotable it is. Snake yelling “Hey, that smells like regular. She needs premium, dude! PREMIUM! DUDE!” is something that I will reference randomly, but enough to judge those who do not get said reference.

And there you have it. Agree? Disagree? Sound off in the comments.

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  1. I still think the Shinning was my favorite out of all of them.


  2. Reblogged this on Drop Three Improv/Sketch Comedy and commented:

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  3. If this election wasn’t happening the way it has been this year it would’ve been in the top spot, where it has resided every other year. But this year has been so “lizard people running for President” that it has been passed by Citizen Kang, at least for me.


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