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5 Things We Know from the First Power Rangers Trailer

After months of teaser posters, character stills, and glamour shots of Rita Repulsa, we finally have a trailer for the upcoming Power Rangers movie.

You may now debate over whether or not that’s a good or bad thing.

Either way, we have at least 5 clues to the story.

1. It’s Pretty Serious…

The film is based on the Mighty Morphin’ era of Power Rangers (seasons 1-3), and while that series could get darn serious (Lord Zedd’s arrival, anyone?), it was mostly pretty tongue-in-cheek. “How will the Rangers escape the deadly pig who eats everything? Find out next week on Power Rangers!” That sort of thing.

Not here. Bullies, angry parents, dark pasts tied to auto accidents, plus the heavy visual/audio tone makes the movie look like it’s trying to be pretty serious.

2. …But Not Too Serious

One scene shows Jason and Kimberly, resident Red and Pink Rangers, jump across a canyon seemingly because they can—because it’s fun, while frazzled Blue Ranger Billy shouts, “That’s not a piece of cake!” Added to a quip from Yellow Ranger Trini as the team flees a restricted area, it sends the message that the writers know that Power Rangers is also pretty silly, and they’re ready to roll with it.

3. Civilian Powers

In the early seasons of Power Rangers, their powers only worked once they’d morphed into the technicolor Ranger getups. However, later seasons incorporated civilian powers, which worked even when the Rangers were unmorphed.

Unless, Billy’s head is made of adamantium, school cafeterias spontaneously combust, and Angel Grove’s gravity is in flux, civilian powers exist here, too. Rangers break sinks, leap canyons, and…okay, seriously, what happened in that cafeteria shot? The morphers were melting through the counter?

4. Focus on Character Development

99.9% of the trailer featured the Rangers outside their costumes. This, plus shots of the girls getting bullied and Jason struggling with his father suggest that a lot of emphasis will be put on the team as people, not just Rangers.

This is a welcome change. One of the primary problems with Power Rangers, particularly the Might Morphin’ era, was the lack of character development (they’d saved it all for Green Ranger Tommy, who’d BETTER exist in this universe). Making the teens human, rather than just counting down the minutes to Morphin’ Time, could make this worth watching.

Also, Jason and Kimberly kissed. The ten-year-old in me wants to scream “foul,” but I’ll let it slide.

5. Rita Repulsa Gets Personal

Rita was the show’s first chief villain and the biggest joke of the series. Screaming to bad lip dubbing, Rita was rarely one to be taken seriously (except, again, for the Green Ranger Saga—are you listening, Lionsgate?!), and never dirtied her own hands.

Here, she personally attacks Kimberly (a shocking look-alike of the original Pink Ranger) and even says she’s “killed Rangers before.”

Apparently, it’s not just a costume change. This Rita is far deadlier than the last.

All in all, the trailer actually looked pretty cool. This writer was a big time fan of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers back in the day, but still remains skeptical that Power Rangers anything could be more than stupid fun.

Still…anything can be done well.

Do you think the movie has any shot at being good? Are you flat-out excited for the movie? What did you notice about the trailer?

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  1. Deanna Fugett // October 9, 2016 at 10:52 am //

    I’ll admit it. I was a ranger fan too. *Hides face in shame* I even had a Power Rangers birthday party when I was eleven. 😱


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