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Teaser Photos of the New Zords Released!

There will be color coded justice (and giant robots)

There was always the same formula when watching the Power Rangers: find out something isn’t quite right in Angel Grove, dig a little deeper, fight some putties, and finally bust out the Zords to defeat the overgrown monster of the episode. Even though I knew how it would all turn out, I still watched. Eager to see the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers summon their robotic beasts and conquer the monster of the episode.

Now, I don’t want to say I’m excited, because I still have some reserved opinions about the Power Rangers movie coming out. However, the posters that were just released for the movie have me doing a double-take, as they tease images of the Zords.

Check them out


I mean, come on… 


They look pretty darn legit if I do say so myself.


Look at that size ratio? 


In all of their color-coordinated glory


As someone who has been a fan of many TV franchises-turned-substandard-movie, I don’t want this to happen with the Power Rangers film. However, with the little peek at these Zords, it may actually be – dare I say it – good! I can’t help but say there is a little pep in my step thinking about the monstrosity these things combine into!

What do you guys think about the teaser posters & the Zords so far? What are your theories about the movie itself? Leave your comments below.

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