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Review Brew – Ramon Gil’s Scifies: Greatest Hits

SciFies is a wonderful preview of an artist on the verge of greatness.

Ramon Gil’s SciFies: Greatest Hits

Writer: Ramon Gil & Cee Raymond

Artist(s):  Ramon Gil; Lui Antonio; Len Peralta; Trevor Von Eeden; Roy Allan Martinez; Cee Raymond; Gilbert Monsanto; Bill Walko; Derwin Roberson; Gerard Conte

Colors: Ramon Gil; Kevin Stone; Macarena Cortes

Publisher: Ramon Gil


I recently met Ramon Gil at Baltimore Comic Con, where he had some truly insightful things to say about diversity in comics, as well as how self-publishing and the digital age have changed the industry. When he offered me a chance to review his collection of shorts, I leapt at it and I’m happy to report that he backs up his talk with some fantastic work.

A collection of 13 stories, SciFies runs the gamut of the far flung future to the distant past. Each story is tinged with humor and wit, no matter how bizarre the setting, and every character is distinct and fully grown in a way you don’t often see in books without multiple chapters. While every story made me smile, the three that stood out the most were ‘The Professional’; ‘Love and Superpowers’ and ‘Senturies’.

Without giving too much away ‘The Professional’ is what happens when an agreement is made to make the world a better place…by any means necessary. There’s an underlying feeling of doom in the few short pages, as the road to hell is always paved with good intentions. I really want to see how the characters go forward, as they’ve created a web of lies in which they’re bound to get caught. This, is good though, as it appears ‘The Professional’ will be expanded into a full fledged title.

‘Love and Superpowers’ is exactly what it says on the tin. An adorable couple get dragged into superpowered shenanigans when all they really want to do is get married and figure out what they want to be when they grow up. Unfortunately, the call to adventure not only knows where they live it stalked them on vacation and demanded their attention. The question is, can our heroes have a normal life now that they’ve been given such great responsibility and more importantly, do they want normal lives?

‘Senturies’ is the final short in SciFies and what a way to end! Codenamed Spitfire our beautiful, badass heroine Alex is having what could mildly be described as a bad day. Third generation Air Force and looking to follow in her father’s footsteps to NASA, Alex, despite being what some might say over qualified, is fighting uphill in a rainstorm just to get in the door. What she doesn’t know is that her life is about to get a lot more complicated as someone has taken an interest in her that she may not want. Of all the stories in the collection this one has me the most intrigued and while it’s not marked as a preview I hope Gil expands on it and turns this into a title. Alex Ozuka deserves to have her story told because I’ve a feeling it’s a doozy.

The art for each story fits it like a glove though I must stay the standouts are Derwen Roberson for The Hairiest Ride; Bill Walko for Hostile Takeover and Lui Antonio’s work on The Professional. Each uplifts the premise and gives it just the right feel for the story being told.

Overall I look forward to seeing what else Ramon Gil and company have up their collective sleeves.

5 out of 5 Patrick Stewarts

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