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Review Brew: Glitterbomb #1

Writer: Jim Zub
Artist: Djibril Morissette-Phan
Colorist: K. Michael Russel
Letterer: Marshall Dillon
Publisher: Image Comics
Price: $3.99

Ladies and gentlemen, I am still stuck on page 2 of this comic. For the longest moment, I started at it and was thinking to myself, someone pissed this lady off and this is what she wished she could do. I turned to the next page and nope, this really happened. I read the first page again, stared at the 2nd page and said, I wish sometimes I could do this. Jim Zub gives us a story about a middle aged actress, Farah Durante, who is still trying to make ends meet. She is a single mom and is under a lot of stress of trying to land a job, deal with derision from younger actresses and a babysitter who wants to be a star as well. Underneath it all, there is something lurking. After she nearly drowns, she finds that she is possessed by something far greater than she could control.

The story itself I enjoyed as I felt like even though we got the money shot at the beginning, Jim gives us the details in between. Not only do you feel Farah’s stress at trying to keep herself together, but trying to figure out who and what she is and what it will take for her to stay contained. So many people are pulling at her and at some point when she lashes out, not once but twice, in a sense, not only do you feel a bit horrified, you also feel like you can relate at some point. The metaphors are obvious where as previously stated, the story deals with an industry obsessed with age, there is misogyny as well and it’s just an indictment of women’s treatment in the workplace overall.

The art by Morissette-Phan and Russel was pretty good and set the tone for the story. As the story is not quite fast paced, I liked that they placed emphasis on the characters and their expressions. The colors within are a bit muted which is fine as this is not a happy-go-lucky story.

After you get past page 2 it makes you wonder how Farah is going to deal with those around her, pulling her and wanting her to make time to support their needs. Also with this monster inside of her, of course it makes me think what will become of her child as well.

Not a bad start but I am curious to see where it goes from here.

4 Hollywood Starlets out of 5

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