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Nintendo favorites are doing a one-two with Apple

Today’s event showcased many of the new products coming forth for Apple products. Nintendo fans, however, will find themselves doubly lucky as two big announcements came out of the Cupertino camp.


image courtesy of Apple Insider

Firstly, a Super Mario Run game will be coming later this year for the iPhone. Details right now are that it will be a free to play game, although Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto let slip that there may be in-app purchases in the future.   Also, you won’t need both hands, as the game will allow functionality while you are eating, holding something, or attempting to play your Nintendo 3DS while playing this. Look for this game around the holidays.

The second big news is for Apple Watch owners. Pokémon Go will be coming for the Apple Watch. Since the iPhone app has been downloaded by 500 million plus users, the Apple Watch version will take a lot of the work off of the iPhone. With the watch app, you will not only be able to track the calories you are burning, but you can also keep track of your eggs that need hatching, get items from Pokéstops, and of course track Pokémon.


No date has been released for this amazing update, and there is no word on if or when these two apps will be available for Android owners.


Are you excited for these releases? Tell us about it in the comments below. Also keep your eyes open for any more iPhone 7 information as it becomes available.

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