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PCU Declassified: Marvel and DC Cinematic/TV Universes and their futures

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In this show, Mansa, Armand and Pete talk about the following

DC Cinematic Universe:
Suicide Squad success and failure at the box office
Batman vs Superman feelings
The effects of these films on the upcoming DC movies

Marvel Cinematic Universe:
Current Marvel success or failure with films
A look back at Captain America: Civil War and its impact on the Franchise
The Upcoming Films and potential box office success.

DC/Marvel Television properties:
The Arrowverse and its effect on the cinema success or not
Marvel TV Properties and its effect on the cinema or not.
Do the television properties garner only TV success?

The effects of Diversity in these properties:
Will more diversity lead to greater success or failure
Does changing a character to better diversify a series alienate the creators or comic book fans?
Comic Book movies/ TV and their overall success:
Successful non DC/Marvel tv properties (Walking Dead, Outcast, etc…)
Are we becoming over saturated?
Will there be a collapse in the comic book movie and tv market?

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