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5 Video Game Remakes I’d Pay All The Money To Play

Shadow Hearts

Gaining something of a cult following, this RPG series has a massive pendulum of hits and misses within each game. The timing-based fighting system, magics, grotesque enemy design, and even the story are surprisingly good.

The graphics, voice acting, and over-the-top silliness are not. Even the best games in the series made me cringe far too often.

However, a bit of polish, structure, and modern production value might clear out the ugly quirks and leave us with a unique RPG with a fun, yet dark tone about souls, death, and what lies beyond the shadows.

Except the third game, but we don’t have to do that one.

The Legend of Dragoon

Speaking of fun, timing-based RPGs with an underground following, this game isn’t well-known to too many gamers, but those who do know it generally love it. The Additions battle system was a unique spin on the turn-based genre, and the Dragoon system let you transform into a dragon warrior – which is the most metal thing I’ve written all day.

However, the real treat is the story. A winding epic that brings the past and present together to fight for the future. Plus, the music is pretty good.

Unfortunately, the voice acting is atrocious.  Additionally, not only have the graphics aged, but they clearly weren’t meant for modern TVs. The localization was also…wonky. How many evil masterminds use the word “silly?” Update the dialogue and some minor character tropes, slap on a coat of HD paint and holy crap I’m drooling right now.

Half Life

Time for a gamer confession: I have not played Half-Life. Or Half-Life 2, the crowning jewel of gaming. Thus, I am not anticipating Half-Life 3, the Second Coming of gaming culture. Now, I know I should play this game and I’ve often considered doing just that. But I haven’t. Why?

Well, as an outsider, it looks like crap.

If you grew up with the Half-Life games, you probably barely notice the graphics, and the shooting style probably takes you back in a good way. As a newcomer to the series, inundated with modern gameplay mechanics and graphics, it’s hard to feel enticed.

However, update the graphics, fine-tune the kinks, but keep the same story and general gameplay? I’d wait in line in the snow for that. Well, not in the snow…


YOU: But Aladdin is fine the way it is! It’s a fun, old-school game and one of the greatest movie tie-in games ever. Why would you want to mess with that?

ME: Have you heard of Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia, and Kingdom Hearts?

YOU: Yeah.

ME: Mix them all together.

YOU: Oooooh…

I have no beef with the 16-bit Aladdin game, but can you imagine a modern game set in that world? I’m picturing an open-world, go-anywhere game in a land of wonder and mystery. Keep it lighthearted (this is Disney after all) and just let us do all the fun stuff ourselves.

Flee from the guards with your loaf of bread, show Jasmine the city, escape the dungeon, explore the Cave of Wonders, fly on the carpet, and fight Jafar; all on a modern console with expanded gameplay and hidden secrets tucked away in Agrabah’s streets.

And hey, most of the voice actors are still alive and doing the same work on Kingdom Hearts, so…so…Robin Williams…oh, Robin Williams…excuse me…

Final Fantasy VIFF6.jpg

Yes, I know FFVI already got an HD remake on the Nintendo DS, but I’m talking about a full-scale translation into the modern era.

If that thought makes you nervous, it makes me nervous, too. How can you take a sprite-based game and translate it to modern times? Will the characters suck if they open their mouths? How can you possibly recreate Kefka without making him Mark Hamill’s Joker?

On the other hand, a massive steampunk world with magic and technology, not to mention other secrets? Flying the airship? The friggin’ opera scene? All in gorgeous HD graphics and a remastered soundtrack?

As a wise man once said…SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

What old games do you want to see translated into today’s gaming world? Do you agree or disagree with this list?  Let us know in the comments!

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