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Guess The LGBT Chatracter

It would seem that Greg Berlanti loves to make fans play guessing games. Much of season four of Arrow revolved around the question “who’s in the grave?” Even if you were disappointed with the answer, you can’t deny that he lead us all on a merry chase. Now a new guessing game begins with the announcement that a character from one of his four shows will “be exploring their sexuality and coming out”

This could be significant character from Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, or Supergirl.  Everyone is being tight-lipped about it – executive producer Sarah Schecter even quipped “It’s a man or a woman and it’s on one of the four shows” Berlanti was also quoted  saying, “It is a significant character, were not trying to be coy about it.” This seems like a sign that they’ll take the plotline seriously. I’m sure the fandom will soon be alight with speculation, so let me throw my hat into the ring.

Arrow is the least likely show to feature this character because they have enough to deal with this season. Most of the team went their separate ways in the last season finale and Oliver will have to train several new recruits. Echo Kellum also plays an openly gay man and he has just been promoted to series regular, so it doesn’t seem likely there will be another LGBT character on top of him.

Supergirl also doesn’t seem likely. Some people have wondered if Jimmy Olson’s fixation on Superman was more than just admiration or if Kara and Cat’s relationship has something underneath the surface, but I personally believe that there are many stronger candidates. There’s no reason why it couldn’t be any of these characters; it’s just that these next two shows have stronger possibilities.

The Flash is a little more likely. Both Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon have given off bisexual vibes over the past two seasons. Cisco especially because of his heated rivalry with confirmed gay character Hartley Rathaway. They occasionally become so fixated on hating each other each other that it’s impossible not to wonder if something else is there. Barry Allen is also a candidate, but not as much. He’s very unlikely to hit on a woman and the few times he does, he always treats her with respect. This led some people to wonder if that means he’s interested in men as well.  I admit there is a possibility, but I prefer to think of him as a feminist.

Legends of Tomorrow has the two most likely candidates: Ray Palmer and Captain Cold. Ray Palmer seems likely because he has a less than optimal history with women. He briefly stalked Felicity Smoak, showed very little respect to Kendra Saunders throughout their relationship, and was rejected repeatedly by a woman he was trying to flirt with for information. He’s more genuine and kinder when talking to Heatwave or Rip Hunter: perhaps he‘s more attracted to one of them then he’ll admit to himself. However I believe the most likely candidate is Captain Cold.

To start with, Leonard Snart has an incredibly flirty demeanor.  He was very attracted to Sara Lance, but also directed those bedroom eyes at Barry, Ray, and even Heatwave. Snart died near the end of the first season, but that’s not the end of his character. Wentworth Miller signed a contract that allows him to be a recurring character in both Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash. How they’ll bring him back from the dead remains to be seen, but it wouldn’t be the first time on any of these shows.

Captain Cold is also the most likely because Wentworth Miller himself is gay. He came out in 2013, telling the story of how he tried to kill himself when he was 15 because of his he had no one to talk to about it. Miller even confirmed that he plays Captain Cold as bisexual, stating that “if Snart were to meet someone with the right combination of wits, smarts, and badassery that he’d be into them regardless of gender.” Captain Cold has the right actor, the right performance, and the right attitude.

The questions are many: Who will it be? What show will they be on? Will it be handled with more respect than Felicity’s time in the wheelchair? The answers will come soon and I can’t wait to see the fans, speculate, debate and discuss all the possibilities.

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  1. I saw speculation that it may be Alex Danvers, and I can kind of see that.


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