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Mr Robot – S2:E4 Recap

We see how things began and Elliot makes a choice.


All For One, One in All

Elliot, after receiving advice from Ray, decides to make a deal with Mr Robot: they’ll play chess and whoever wins stays. Permanently. The other goes back into the void never to be seen or heard from again. This? Is a hugely bad idea but Elliot won’t even consider the idea of a page merge so that he’s not constantly fighting himself. Fortunately (unfortunately?) it doesn’t work: Elliot can’t beat himself, so he resigns himself to Mr Robot being around, if for no other reason than because Darlene needs them both and Elliot will always do what’s necessary to protect his little sister.

Look Before You Leap

Which is what leads him to helping Ray with his ‘computer problems’ and letting Mr Robot ride shotgun. Ray may seem like the wisest care bear ever but I’ve no doubt he’s a stone cold killer and his business is one in which Elliot will want no part of if he follows his instincts and looks where he shouldn’t. The question is how long will it be before he just can’t help himself?

Once Upon A Time

A long time ago, a beautiful sad girl came to her equally beautiful, broken big brother because she was having a really bad day. That night they watched a terrible horror movie together and laughed at all the bad dialogue and acting and while they watched the big brother was inspired. You see a monster had stolen their handsome father away from them and their lovely mother had never recovered and so, neither did they. But the big brother had a plan, a way to destroy the monster once and for all, and not just that monster but all the others just like it. At first the beautiful girl was scared but she mustered her courage and together they enacted their plan but they knew felling the monster was only the first part. In order to truly slay the monster they had to make sure it could never rise again, burning it’s bones and salting the earth where it was buried.

But that part? Was harder than they thought….

Backup Files

  • Elliot and Darlene are so very messed up I’m kind of terrified to find out what went down after their dad died.
  • I think mom is dead based on the total lack of interaction between her and Darlene.
  • I cannot tell if Angela is becoming a dark lord of the sith or a jedi master the likes of which we’ve never seen before. Either way, I’m on board.
  • BD Wong is back, making everything even more amazing, as he does…
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