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The Defenders Are Here!

The Defenders. Together for the first time.

Marvel and Netflix came out swinging tonight at San Diego Comic Con, dropping not one, not two but four brand new trailers which, for the first time, linked all of The Defenders (and one Punisher) together.

Let’s take a look!

Luke Cage:


With Ol’ Dirty Bastard as a background we watch Luke take apart some fools in Harlem before being confronted by Cottonmouth, it’s awesome and tells you everything you need to know about our reluctant hero.

Iron Fist:


We’re introduced to Danny Rand in almost virtual silence, it’s haunting and emphasises just how alone Danny feels as he returns home, a changed man, to a changed world.

SDCC Sizzle Reel – New York’s Heroes


Matt, Jessica, Luke, Frank and their allies’ stories are shown together, fully interconnected, for the first time. We get a look back to what they’ve already faced and a look forward at things to come.

The Defenders:

Nirvana sets the tone as we hear Stick give our four heroes some hard truths about their ability to defend all they hold dear. Who wants to bet there’s going to be some brutal training coming up?

Can you feel the Hype? Because we can and this fall cannot come soon enough!


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