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Review Brew: The Flash #2

August Heart has been a long time friend and coworker of Barry Allen, but maybe they were destined for a deeper relationship.

Written by: Joshua Williamson
Art by: Carmine Di Giandomenico
Colorist: Ivan Plascencia

In Central City, The Flash is the main protector and bringer of Justice. Besides working for law enforcement as a forensic scientist, Barry Allen is our beloved speedster and sometimes even a speedster is overwhelmed with the every day duties of a super hero. August Heart, who is also an intricate part of CCPD, was hit by lightening in The Flash #1 and as expected this was discussed during the second issue. For first time readers and The Flash TV Show enthusiasts this might be an interesting development, because now the question is what will Flash do in this predicament?

The coloring was exquisite, which allowed for the mood to be set for the whole comic. As stated during The Flash: Rebirth the aura surrounding The Flash represents the light in darkness, the shelter from the storm. There is an evident draw to Flash and what he epitomizes in Central City, until now. Most readers are aware that Wally West is Kid Flash, and was recently reunited with The Flash before he left to begin his journey with the Titans. Naturally Barry feels lonely after having had a sidekick for so long, but at this time there are no indicators that a partner in justice is in the books – until today.

The panel transitions were easy to follow, and the speech panels were appropriately placed making it straight forward. Williamson is doing an excellent job writing for this series. The readership can genuinely feel Barry’s emotions as he deals with loss, grief, and the stress of responsibility that comes with a city saving Speedster. Barry turns out to be a good teacher as August realizes his potential new calling, besides that of CCPD. Considering Barry had to teach himself how to deal with his powers, he is kind and patient with August. These reactions do not come unexpected since Barry is a soft-hearted character in the first place.

In summary, Barry’s unspoken request of not being alone is definitely answered within the last pages of the issue – maybe even more so than he expected! The Flash issues are taking an interesting turn in regards to the story line of Rebirth. As a long time fan, I hope this current excitement and flow continues for many installments to come.

4 out of 5 Speedster!

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