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Review Brew: The Flash Rebirth #1

The Flash is the light in the darkest of times. He is the Speedster of hearts, and is called to find a dark secret with the help of the one and only Kid Flash.

Written by: Joshua Williamson

Art by: Carmine Di Giandomenico

Cover: Karl Kerschl

DC’s Rebirth hit the shelves on May 25th and has left the comic community asking for more! This week, The Flash: Rebirth series comes to your local comic book shop for your reading enjoyment. Trust me when I say to put this on your pull list! The CW’s hit series based on our favorite Speedster has uncovered a lot of fans across the globe, which will hopefully put this series at the top charts.

I have been a fan of The Flash for over 18 years, with my first glimpse being of him on Saturday morning cartoons and my father’s comic book collection. To say I was pumped about The Flash: Rebirth is an understatement.

I decided to use the powers to help others find justice as–THE FLASH

**Spoilers Ahead**

It is a bleak and stormy night in what is usually a quiet neighborhood in Central City. On the scene are CCPD investigating the death of a woman with multiple stab wounds, interviewing the victims son, who saw the whole thing. The son stated to CCPD that a monster had committed the murder. Detectives are discussing among themselves that she had most likely been killed by her husband. (Does any of this sound familiar, folks?) Around the corner a familiar presence comes to light stating that he would not rush to judgement. The next panel shows our protagonist, Barry Allen, with the shadow of The Flash behind him as he explains that justice can be abused. I really appreciate the artist introducing our hero in this way. The transition made me smile from ear to ear, because seeing this sinister Barry Allen in his all too familiar white gloves while being followed by his other persona that is a loved hero of the masses is just so clever.

In Rebirth, we see Wally West screaming to Barry, as The Flash, hoping he will be able to see him. The Flash successfully saves Wally from the speed force where you truly see the deep bond Wally and Barry share. The issue does a great job explaining to a new readership what The Flash is all about from how he received his powers, to his battle with Zoom. Which if you have watched the TV show you will know all about that altercation between The Flash and Zoom. The color choices for this issue already has the reader feeling that there is a dark secret that is ready to unfold, but The Flash with his bright yellow and red is the light at the end of the tunnel. That image is beautiful to me, that The Flash is the light in the darkest of times.

I am grateful that Joshua Williamson was chosen as the writer for this series since he has been a life long Flash fan. It’s the biggest undertaking he has done, and I feel he has knocked it out of the park! The vocabulary was easy to follow, I felt that the words coming out of Barry Allen’s mouth would be true to his character and identity. The artists stayed on par with the classic costumes for both The Flash and Kid Flash. The red boxes with the yellow lettering to represent Barry’s thoughts are appropriate, but sometimes hidden so make sure you fully inspect each frame before moving on to the next. Some would argue the art is too sketchy and busy, but I feel it is fitting and would like to see some more issues before passing a verdict.

Long story short, grab the first issue of The Flash: Rebirth for $2.99 (before tax) and immerse yourself into the Central City Speedster’s World. I have been left with a hunger, that I feel I won’t satisfy until the next issue is in my grubby hands.

5 Lighting Bolts out of 5. The speed force has taken a hold of me!



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