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The Mindy Project S4:E25

So much hypocrisy and crazy, so little time.

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Hello everyone, sorry for the delay RL has been….problematic but I’m back with the last two episodes of Mindy for the season, hope you enjoy!

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After their kiss Jody up and rolls out, making Mindy think he’s not interested but that’s far from the truth. Jody immediately tries to break up with Courtney, who think’s he’s planning to propose. What no one, including Jody, knows is that Jody has the clam. That doesn’t last long because Courtney puts his ass on blast in front of the whole office when Jody finally nuts up and breaks up with her. Everyone but Mindy finds out and Jody begs them not to say anything, which they agree to only if he tells Mindy before he asks her out. Of course, Jody chickens out because he is, for probably the first time, genuinely in love. Jody really doesn’t want Mindy to shut him down before he even gets a chance to show her that….

Wow, Really?

Before the above happens, Morgan breaks and tells everyone how Jody feels about Mindy, and more importantly about how Danny interfered when Jody initially wanted to tell Mindy how he felt. This leads to Morgan and Jeremy heading to Danny’s practice to call him out on his double standards. They have a lot to call him on because it turns out that Danny is engaged to be married. This is the man who had the audacity to interfere in Mindy potentially dating and he is engaged to someone Mindy doesn’t even know about (who’s also an undercover crazy) and who’s been involved in their child’s life, again without Mindy knowing about it.

This is the second time (that we’ve seen) that Danny has had some woman around their child without Mindy’s knowledge. We’ve watched Mindy date this whole season and only one dude was allowed to meet Leo and the minute she realized he wasn’t into Leo he was gone.

Danny is such trash guys.

Over Before It’s Begun

Meanwhile Jody and Mindy go out on a date and he has so many chances to tell her what’s up and doesn’t. Which is why Mindy throws his ass out when Morgan texts her to tell her that Jody has an STD. Jody begs her to reconsider but Mindy ain’t hearing it.

I’ve a feeling Jody’s about to go off the deep end guys.  

Lab Report

  • I want everything Mindy wears.
  • Morgan kept Jody and Danny’s secrets far longer than I would’ve bet he would.
  • Sarah, Danny’s fiance, is for real crazy. I have many concerns. 
  • Stay tuned for the season finale recap!
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