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Sulu is gay. Get over it.

In a recent interview with Australia’s Herald Sun , John Cho (the actor who portrays Hikaru Sulu in the rebooted Star Trek franchise) stated that in the upcoming Star Trek Beyond, Sulu will become the first openly gay main character in the long running programs history. It will be revealed that he has a husband and daughter waiting for his safe return on Earth. This is a worthy tribute to the original actor of the Enterprise’s helmsman role, George Takei. Takei has been a standard barer and pioneer in LGBT rights. In 2008, he and long time partner Brad Altman became the first same sex couple to apply for a marriage license in the state of California and have been together for 29 years (a HELL of a lot longer than the vast majority of heterosexual Hollywood couples I might add).

Star Trek has always been a vision of a coexisting future since its inception 50 years ago. What other show in the midst of the Civil Rights movement, both the Vietnam and Cold wars, and the sexual revolution clearly depicted a time where earthlings of every color and creed, gender, and alien life worked as one cohesive unit and treated each other not as crew, but as family? I hypothesize that if he were alive, Gene Roddenberry would be all for this revelation into the personal life of Ensign Sulu. So all is good with the world of Trek!

No…I recently had the displeasure of witnessing backlash on social media of the morality of this reveal and that it somehow tarnishes the wholesome family nature of the franchise. I have seen, “Why does this matter?” “Shut up about it, no one wants to know.”  I say that from the beginning of my television watching life some 35 years ago, Trek taught me not to judge people on our differences, but to celebrate them. How do I, as a person, gain a larger understanding of the world in which I live, if I am not exposed to all walks of life? The statement that gay people should stay in the closet is unbelievably harmful to who they are as humans and stymies any dialogue that can be had to further understanding. Star Trek, at its very core, is about putting away our prejudices, our insatiable need for the material. To end wars over religion, race, oil, and green.

People have religious views over a plethora of topics – homosexuality being a huge divider between the secular and church goers. The subject of religious liberty has been a hot button issue for years now, and to this writer, the bridge seems to be widening rather than closing towards peace and understanding. Maybe I am naive, but my Star Trek has no place for non-inclusion. Even if you don’t agree with his gayness, Sulu is an iconic character, a brave member of the family, and deserves our respect (as much can be bestowed on a fictional character).

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