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Review Brew: The Woods #24

Writers: James Tynion IV
Art: Michael Dialynas
Colors: Josan Gonzalez
Publisher: BOOM! STUDIOS
Price: $3.99

The Woods is back with an amazing issue that ends with a shocker. After Calder takes the place of his brother Casey and frees Zander, he tries to help the other kids escape from the Hordes camp. The story for this issue was great, as it focused on Calder trying to redeem himself, after he assisted in the Hordes attack on the school. I like how Tynion gives us a glimpse into Calder’s head and how, he and Caseys lives would’ve been different, if their parents were alive. The writing is still good and keeps the story flowing. The tone is serious at times, but having Calder being the focus, he adds some humor to the story. There is little action within the title, but serves its purpose in the story. The ending totally caught me off guard and added a lot of emotion to the end. 

The art by Michael Dialynas continues to be one of the highlights of the series. His pencil work is top notch and captures the emotions of the characters perfectly. Panels flow right into each other and characters still look superb. He even adds that little bit of creepiness to one of the pages early on in the story. The colors add that extra bit of quality to the art. The different colors add to scenes and makes them pop.

With the end of this issue, we are at the end of year two. The writing, art, and colors still make this one of the best stories out there. I can’t wait for the next issue and the beginning of year three.

5 Calders out of 5

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