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Review Brew: Throwaways – Issue 1

Throwaway: A Disposable Asset

Writer: Caitlin Kittredge
Artists: Steven Sanders
Letters: Rachel Deering
Cover: Maiko Kuzunishi/Roberta Ingranata (convention exclusive)
Image Comics – Publisher

Throwaways starts off with a bang as Dean Logan and Abigail Palmer are under attack in a junkyard from a black ops unit that makes Seal Team Six look like amateurs. It all ends in blood but before we see exactly how, we’re thrown four hours earlier where we find out why Dean and Abby ended up having a very bad, no good, day.

The writing had me hooked immediately. I was instantly immersed in the world of Throwaways and wondering what the hell was happening. There are at least two major twist in this first issue alone and clearly more to come. We get some nice establishing character moments for Dean and Abby as well as some very intriguing side characters who I predict will become very important going forward.

One of my one of my pet peeves is when an artist draws every every character, especially the women as looking exactly alike, despite being of different ages, races and backgrounds. This is why I find the artwork here outstanding as each character has distinct facial features and body types. The background art is also very intriguing and, I suspect, tells you more about the story overall than you think on first pass.

This first issue of Throwaways gets five IPs out of five and I look forward to the next chapter of the story.

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