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Weekend Coverage: The Uncanny Inhumans #11

It’s finally Friday and it’s a long holiday weekend. If you’ve been keeping up with Marvel comics recently, you know that their latest event “Civil War II” is going on right now.This issue of “The Uncanny Inhumans” written by Charles Soule, pencils by Carlos Pacheco, inks by Andy Owen, and colors by David Curiel, follows the Inhumans after the events of “Civil War II” issue two and how they strategically take down Tony Stark. Even bringing in the new inhuman Mosaic, to aid them in their retaliation against Stark, after he kidnapped Ulysses from Attilan. There’s a lot more to the issue but you have to read the issue to find out the rest.

This cover does a great job at reflecting what happened in this “Civil War” tie-in. Karnak is known to find the weak points in people or objects and seeing him kick down Stark tower is awesome. I’m not familiar with Carlos Pacheco, but his pencil work looks phenomenal. The way he draws Karnak doing a high kick to the tower is amazing. He captures Karnak’s look down packed and I like how the shading, adds muscular definition and shape to the body. Those small touches make Karnak look complete. Also, the way he kicks the building at the center is a nice touch as the building is crumbling into pieces. The background contrasts the pencil work, but doesn’t take away from the scene coming together.

The colors look awesome on the cover and seeing Karnak’s skin be a light gray is a change. I think it might be because of him wearing a hoodie most of the time. The color green, blends in well with the markings and cloth, that is wrapped around Karnak’s upper body. The way the colors transition from light to dark, makes it seem like it’s a loss of status. Well, this is just my thoughts on this cover from this issue of “The Uncanny Inhumans,” and hope you have a wonder day.

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