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Review Brew: Lobster Johnson #2 (of 3)

It’s Lobster Johnson vs. Robots….FEAR THE CLAW!!

Writer: Mike Mignola

Artist: Tonci Zonjic

There’s something to be said about a comic universe that’s so well established, you can write a story about one of it’s (not even) peripheral characters and people will invest in it without hesitation. Thus far, the only thing I’ve seen outside of BPRD with that much staying power is probably the Marvel Cinematic Universe (name the last time you saw a love interest have a successful standalone spinoff). With all that in mind, as far as spinoffs go, Lobster Johnson is an absolute revelation.

 I feel as though you need to know upfront that this issue in the three part miniseries….features a substantial degree of exposition. In fact, it has a lot of exposition. Seriously, the amount of exposition in this book competes with that of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. However, given that this is a three issue series about a pulp vigilante flatfoot, that can probably be written off as “a style of storytelling that might not be for everyone.” The book moves a little too fast at times and doesn’t give you enough of a chance to digest what you’re reading and, most importantly, Tonci Zonjic’s gorgeous pencils. The whole point of the BPRD universe is that you’re in a weird world with layers upon layers and that’s a world you should have time to savor. The script tries to allow for that but perhaps could stand a less brisk pace in terms of execution.
Bottom Line: It’s a good book, but a rushed one. If you really like Lobster Johnson, this is your moment, but it’s not going to bring in any new readers.
3 Green Hornet serials out of 5.
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