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An Arizona cosplayer is making waves as a political candidate

Cara Nicole Trujillo has been a cosplayer for the past several years.  Now, she is attempting to change the political landscape of her home state by running for the House of Representatives in November 2016.

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The Phoenix New Times broke the news earlier this month that Ms. Trujillo is officially running for office on the Green Party ticket.  On her own official site, Ms. Trujillo stated that she was able to garner all of the necessary signatures to appear on the ballot, and that she is attempting to raise $10,000 by August 2016.  Ms. Trujillo also mentioned that she is “prepared to self-fund” whatever she can.  Her campaign began at the 2016 Phoenix Comic Con, where she announced her candidacy & hosted an informal “Meet the Candidate” event.  Ms. Trujillo stated that the event “went spectacularly”, and that she was very excited to see the support she was receiving.

The cosplayer hopes to tackle several issues with her candidacy.  On her website, Cara Trujillo has even given a bit of back story into why she is taking on the topics of health care, legalization of marijuana, LGBTQ protections, education, etc.  She has also written about her want to see racial profiling stopped, for workers to receive fair wages, and have their taxes spent responsibly.

When asked about her choice of attire, she was very aware that her cosplay may come up in political attacks.  “This is my job,” she told the Phoenix New Times.  “People will try to use it against me. If I dress up in a suit, people would say I’m a fraud.”  However, Ms. Trujillo assured the website that if she were to be elected, she would be wearing “appropriate attire” at the Capitol.

You can check out Cara Nicole Trujillo’s cosplay on her Facebook page, and view her political platform on her website.

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