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The Star Trek Reboot Timeline is Officially Renamed

Kirk’s father dies! Vulcan is destroyed! Khan is found early and magically becomes a white British guy!

These are just some of the key differences that the 2009 Star Trek reboot and its sequel Into Darkness brought about. The angry Romulan miner turned renegade Nero was sent to the past when Spock tried to prevent his planet from being destroyed by a star that went supernova. Spock used super-juice called Red Matter to create a black hole to absorb the supernova’s destructive wave, but instead propelled both Nero’s mining ship (why a mining ship is more powerful than any actual Federation ship or Klingon battle cruiser, I can’t tell you) and Spock’s science vessel into the past, right when the legendary James Tiberius Kirk was being born aboard the USS Kelvin.  The Kelvin was destroyed, and with it acting Captain George Kirk. Thus begins an alternate universe from the one we know from the original 1960’s series, and spawned a new set of motion pictures that could operate free from canon and delve into untold stories of the original Enterprise crew.

The majority of Trekkers affectionately (and some, not so affectionately) dubbed this new unknown as the “Abramverse”; named after the reboot’s director JJ Abrams. But with the upcoming Star Trek: Beyond,  the 50th anniversary celebrations, and the upcoming CBS streaming Trek series, the official term for the fractured series of events is named after the ship where young George Kirk met his untimely end, The Kelvin Timeline.

According to this is what happened:

Well, the time has come to retire those, ( “JJ-Verse” or “Abramsverse”)  as Paramount and CBS have officially settled on the “Kelvin Timeline”. A name that was revealed for the first time by Star Trek Online lead designer Al Rivera on Twitter.

FYI, “Kelvin Timeline” is the official name for that universe timeline according to CBS.

— Al Rivera (@CaptainGeko) June 21, 2016

The name “Kelvin Timeline” stems from the ship named Kelvin, that Nero traveled back in time to destroy, after emerging from the wormhole, in the 2009 film.

What tales will be told in this new timeline? Will we, the viewers, ever get a glimpse on how these events will affect the beloved crews of the Enterprise D, the Deep Space Nine space station, and of Voyager? Only time will tell.

Star Trek: Beyond will be in theaters July 22

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  1. Hopefully with how bad Beyond did, we will not be subject to any more of the crappy Kelvin timeline.


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