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The Sartorial Geek: Throwing shade with a side of geek

The summer is here, at least in the Northern hemisphere. Time to head to the beach to allow yourself a moment of relaxation as you bask in the sun’s glow or the refreshing cool of the ocean waves breaking against the surf.  Whether you are loading up the family car for a trip to Wallyworld or just schlepping it into another day at the office, the one must have accessory that every summer outing needs is a cool pair of shades. A fantastic pair of sunglasses can redefine any summer look, so why not use them to look like or pay homage to your favorite character.

Daredevil-Charlie-CoxThe Daredevil Netflix show has effectively washed any of the sour taste from previous on-screen incarnations of ol horn head  out of our collective consciousness. When Charlie Cox isn’t donning the red mask of the Devil of Hell’s kitchen, you will find his interpretation of Matt Murdock wearing these red tinted John Lennon style circle sunglasses. While vintage in styling, Cox and crew have made these very relevant again.

film-terminator_2_judgement_day-1991-the_terminator-arnold_schwarzenegger-accessories-sunglasses-595x335One of the biggest hits of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career was Terminator 2: Judgement Day. The James Cameron directed blockbuster was a hit when it was released and is still on of the most beloved science fiction action films of all time. Filled with iconic scenes and lines, Schwarzenegger’s stone cold killer look was personified by his sunglasses. Styled with a pair of Persol Ratti 58230‘s, this is a look that defined the action hero for years to come.

blade-1998-09-gSpeaking of action heroes of the 90’s, Wesley Snipes’interpretation of Blade is arguably the match that ignited the comic book movie inspired explosion that is still continuing today. Snipes’ rendition of the Daywalker has become the definitive version of the character and the character itself is very much identifiable to Snipes (sorry Sticky Fingaz). The look of Blade just wouldn’t be as cool if it wasn’t for the Oakley’s that were worn in every film of the series.

cyclops3On superhero that can’t live without his sunglasses is the mutant know as Scott Summer aka Cyclops. Due to his ability to project optic blast, his ruby quartz sunglasses (and visor) are all that stands between him and the obliteration all that he sees. Played on film by James Marsden, this incarnation of the X-Men leader was known for wearing specialized Oakley’s during his four film appearance.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to finding the perfect shades that are inspired by your favorite character. Have fun finding the right shades to suit you.



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