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The Mindy Project S4:E23 Recap

Mindy and Colette need to deal with how they feel

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There’s No Crying in Softball

Whatta Man, Whatta Man

Drew and Mindy have been seeing each other on the downlow for a month now and it’s going really well. However, Mindy, gunshy from Danny, isn’t telling anyone beyond Morgan what’s up. Mindy keeps expecting everything to blow up but Drew keeps showing, in small but very important ways, that he’s a good guy. The most important? His respect for Mindy’s son taking priority over their relationship and the boundaries she must have due to that.

Yay Team?

One of the effects of Danny and Mindy’s break up has been a loss of patients, and while the gang has been rebuilding it’s taking longer than usual because Mindy and Jody are focused on Later Baby. The other effect is that the office has become a bit more of a cohesive unit, evidenced by them forming a softball team, with The Midwives. They have a game in Central Park against the other practices from their hospital, and all is going well until Colette’s growing resentment of Courtenay’s influence on her brother manifests itself via a softball thrown with perfect accuracy right into Courtenay’s face.

It’s awesome.

Looks like someone isn’t as ready to be on her own as she thought….

This Is Why You Tell The Truth

Fortunately/unfortunately Drew, being the sweetheart he’s proving to be, shows up at the hospital with food for Mindy, who told him she was at a delivery and not at the game. He runs across Jody, Colette and Courtenay and the dating cat is out of the bag. Drew goes to the game to confront Mindy about lying to him and she confesses that he’s the first guy since Danny who felt really right and she’s terrified. And Drew? Respects and accepts that.

I really like Drew, guys.

Lab Report

  • Loki! The Sexy God Of Mischief – Mindy (She ain’t wrong)
  • Mindy has a deeply hidden well of athleticism, if her ability to catch softballs is any indication. Who knew?
  • So when Jeremy gets a bee in his mask the whole world stops?! – Mindy on needing a timeout.
  • As much as I kind of want Mindy and Jody together, Drew is such a boss and so disconnected from all the Shulman & Associates drama that I think I might be rooting for him and Mindy more. THAT is a true sign of good writing.
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