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E3 Press Conference Coverage: Sony

Hey there PCU faithful!  Welcome to our continuing  coverage of E3 2016.  The Sony press conference was last night, and wow! What a lot to cover!  This conference was all about the games, and man did Sony deliver. From brand new IPs to remastered favorites, Sony had it all. They had a full orchestra conducted by composer Bear McCreary and it fit the show perfectly.  Now, let’s get to why everyone loves E3: the games.

God of War:  Sony brought the feeling of epicness to this game with a full orchestral lead-in to the live demo. With a new protagonist and his son, it leaves the Greek mythos behind in favor of what looks to be Norse mythology. At times during the demo, the player would take control of the son, and both were used during combat. Since this was a demo, I am not sure how much co-op there will be throughout the rest of the game. In my E3 prediction piece, I said Sony was going to surprise us with a new God of War game. What I didn’t expect, was how stunning this game would look.  I think this game alone will sell PS4s.  As the game is still in development, however, there was no release date announced.

Days GoneA survival horror game set in a post apocalyptic world. We were first treated to a trailer at the top of the conference, and at the end of the show we saw a live demo. In this world, an event turned people into zombie-like creatures. What makes this game different, is how the creatures attack. Using PS4’s processing power the zombies move and attack like in the film World War Z, meaning that they move en masse like lemmings. It’s a great concept to have such a vicious movement of zombies, but lets be honest, do we really need another zombie game? The market is already over saturated. A release date hasn’t been announced, nor does it look to be anytime soon, as Days Gone is also still in development.

The Last Guardian: A brand new trailer for the game premiered, and the notable thing was that now we have a definitive release date of October 25, 2016. I’m really disappointed we didn’t see any game play for this on the show, though. With release of the game so imminent, a live demo would have gotten people a lot more excited, especially with the dynamic between the protagonist and his animal companion in this world.

Horizon Zero Dawn: A live demo was showcased introducing new robot types, corrupted robots, and the ability to hack certain robots to become mounts. They also showed a boss battle with a robot capable of corrupting other robots. It’s my honest opinion that Horizon is going to be a blockbuster success for the PS4. The game looks absolutely stunning, and the story becomes more and more intriguing the more I see of it. It is slated for release on 02/28/17.

Detroit Become Human: This is a new Playstation exclusive IP where you play an android hostage negotiator named Connor, who must stop another android from killing a young girl. The game directs the narrative by giving the player multiple choices throughout – even the ending has various scenarios. The game reminds me of Heavy Rain, which was one of my favorite games for the PS3. While Detroit Become Human is still in development for the PS4, I would like to see more of this in the coming months.

Resident Evil VII: For the 20th anniversary of the game series, Resident Evil looks like its going back to its horror exploration roots. This new installment takes a new first person perspective as you explore a run-down house. We also leave the zombies behind for a more supernatural narrative. It looks absolutely terrifying, and it gives off the same feel as the playable trailer for Silent Hill or PT as it was known. The fact that you can play the entire game on the Playstation VR will give gamers nightmares for days. Resident Evil will be available for the PS VR when it launches on 01/24/17.

Speaking of Playstation VR, the unit was introduced with a $399 price tag and a launch date of 10/13/16. PS VR will have 50 games available, and the next 4 games are just a taste of what’s to come.

FarpointA first person shooter set on an undiscovered planet, this game looks like a generic FPS – except it’s on the PS VR.  Perhaps as more on the game is released, I might have a different perspective.

Star Wars Battlefront-X-Wing VR Mission: An all-out space battle set in the Star Wars universe as you and the Rebels face off against the Empire. I almost fell over in my chair, as this is everything I could want in a X-wing game. I would buy the VR headset just for this and Resident Evil VII.

Batman Arkham VR: A new Batman game that looks to put you behind the mask of the Caped Crusader. I feel like it’s too early to make a judgement call on this, but considering that it sounded like Mark Hamill doing the voiceover for the trailer in his Joker voice, it has promise.

Final Fantasy XV: Along with the regular game, Square Enix brought up a VR experience set in the world.  Players will assume the mantle of the companion character Prompto in 1st person perspective. The VR portion looks like a novelty game, and I wasn’t impressed at all with the VR game play. I believe I’ll stick with the regular version of Final Fantasy, which will be released on 9/30/2016.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare: After all the Battlefield 1 footage, we finally get a chance to see game play of the new game. In the demo, we witnessed the new space combat, as well as the big action sequences we love from the Call of Duty franchise. I have to admit this iteration looks promising, even though I was really in the Battlefield 1 camp (I still am), but the Space battles look really fun. Honestly though: when are we going to stop all the COD games set in the future?  Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare hits stores on 11/4/16.

New  remastered versions of  Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot 2 and Crash Bandicoot: Warped are coming to PS4. This was fantastic news, though I was hoping for a brand new Crash game. These remasters will be from the ground up, and no release date was given, so stay with us for more on this.

Skylanders Imaginators: If you played the first Skylanders game, you’ll like this one.  The colors pop a bit more, and the gameplay looks smoother.  Speaking of Crash Bandicoot, however, he will also be included in this new game. You can play as Crash with all his abilities when the game drops in October 2016.

Lego Star Wars-The Force Awakens: We got a glimpse of the game with a brand new trailer. This new iteration of the Lego series will use the voice track from the film along with it’s traditional Lego humor. I am surprised that we are seeing a full Lego Star Wars game based off one film, though. It looks funny but I’m not sold on this one. Lego Star Wars -The Force Awakens will be available on 6/28/2016.

Death Stranding: This is the new IP from Kojima Productions and starring Norman Reedus. I’m glad that Norman stayed with Kojima even after the Konami debacle, and I hope this game will be what Silent Hill could have been. There wasn’t enough to tell you what the game was about from the trailer shown, but I am excited to see what Hideo’s crazy mind has in store for us.  We will be keeping a close eye on this one, so stay with us for more information.

Spider-Man: This brand new Spider-man is a Playstation exclusive, and is made by the incredible game studio Insomniac Games. The game looks absolutely incredible, and it should be as Insomniac is known for its gorgeous open world games. I’m really looking forward to exploring this New York as Spidey, and I’m also curious as to how many of his rogues gallery will be included. I’m very excited for Spider-man, but unfortunately the game is still in development.

That wraps up my coverage on the Sony press conference. My overall thoughts on the show were that it was great, but I wish we could have seen some indie titles. God of War looked amazing, and the VR seems cool (especially with Star Wars Battlefront and Resident Evil VII).

What did you think of the Sony press conference? If you haven’t seen it, we have the whole thing for you below:


And as always for our constant E3 coverage, and all things gaming stay with Pop Culture Uncovered.


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