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E3 Predictions – Sony

We are only a few days away from the biggest gaming conference in the world E3. Sony has taken the initiative to reveal many of their plans and games before E3. Yet, several unconfirmed rumors have many websites speculating on what Sony will present. Here is my take on what Sony’s press conference will have in store.

New Hardware
Word has already spread of a new upgraded PS4 with 2.3 times better GPU, better CPU clock speeds and greater RAM . The rumors has it listed as either the Playstation 4k or the Playstation Neo, but it has not been confirmed to be a standalone system or some kind of hardware attachment. For Sony, E3 would be the best place to set the record straight. It has been confirmed, however, that Sony will have VR gaming on the show floor, so expect a a look at some of that at the press conference.


EA making a strong presence

Although EA will hold a press conference, they will not have a booth this year. Word is that EA will be hurting themselves without it, and I believe this will be in part due to a strong presence with both Sony and Microsoft. The EA Access program has been successful on the Xbox, yet with the PS4 outselling the Xbox by a reported 2 to 1 ratio, we can expect a bigger partnership on the horizon.  With Battlefield 1 being announced, as well as FIFA and Madden right around the corner, expect to see a heavy showing from EA on Sony’s floor.

Games, Games, Games

Rumors of a new Spider Man game,  a new zombie racing game called Dead Dont Ride, and super hero fighting game sequel Injustice 2 will all be revealed. Additionally, with the new trailer that Sony dropped, I expect a showing of Horizon Zero Dawn. We will also get our final look at No Man’s Sky, and a playable build of The Last Guardian. Lastly, we will finally see how Rise of the Tomb Raider will look on PS4.

A new game from Naughty Dog.
Every year, Naughty Dog surprises us with a new game, and I don’t expect this year to be any different. This year’s reveal could be The Last of Us 2, a new Crash Bandicoot or where my money is, a brand new IP. Naughty Dog will shock us, leave us in awe, and dying to throw our money at them with whatever new game they will present us.

A Sony Surprise
Finally, I think Sony will have a card up its sleeve on which to end the press conference, although it’s usually a confirmation of a rumor. This year I predict Sony will reveal the new God of War title with a brand new protagonist and setting. This will be its big finish of the night.

What are you all most looking forward to from Sony? Who do you think will have the better press conference, Sony or Microsoft? Let us know in the comments below, stay tuned to Pop Culture Uncovered for for all things E3.

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