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Penny Dreadful S3:E6 Recap

Everything went up to eleven…

No Beast So Fierce

Ballroom Blitz

Rusk and Ostow make their way to the Talbot ranch just in time for the world’s most awkward family dinner. Seriously, you know it’s bad when Malcolm is the voice of calm and reason and keeps trying to get Jared to stand down and stop purposely pushing Ethan’s buttons. It’s all for naught though and everything gets insanely, brutally bloody: Hecate goes full game-face when Jared goes one step too far, Malcolm starts stabbing people like it’s going out of style and Kaetaeny comes out of friggin’ nowhere to shoot everyone that Malcolm and Hecate miss in a combined effort to keep Ethan safe. Ethan, of course, needs no protection as he drops into zen Terminator mode and it’s glorious and terrifying in equal measure. Thankfully Hecate hasn’t gotten her claws in all the way as Ethan hesitates in killing Rusk (whom he respects) or Jared. Malcolm on the other hand has no such limitations and is fed all the way UP with Jared’s shite, shooting him in the face when Jared tries to goad Ethan into doing it.


That’s one way to resolve the issue I guess?

Dysfunction Junction

In London Vanessa and Victor continue to make terrible, terrible life choices on an epic and soul endangering level. Vanessa because her support system is either dead, out of town or so caught up in their own bullshite that their not paying attention to the very real danger Vanessa is in. This leads to her falling right into Dracula’s mitts and on some level she knows she’s screwed up, big time.

Victor meanwhile tries to take on Brona!Lily on his own despite Henry trying to subtly dissuade him from this path he’s started down. It doesn’t work because Victor, for all his book smarts, is still an idiot and doesn’t have the sense to figure out the lay of the land before walking into a situation. This almost gets him gutted by Justine and the rest of Brona!Lily’s increasingly large army of fallen women but Brona!Lily talks them down. It’s this that makes Dorian realize he’s utterly and totally out of his depth and that Brona!Lily is actually the one in charge of his home and its inhabitants: they would rip him to shreds on Brona!Lily’s word. No. Seriously

And we all know how well Dorian deals when he’s not in control of a situation.

Ha’Penny Thoughts

  • Lyle is leaving town, which is super duper bad but Catriona Hartdegen is a boss replacement.
  • I knew this episode was going to be the one that led to Vanessa getting trapped in Dracula’s web when I saw her walking around in bright colored clothes. That shite never bodes well.
  • I am so over Caliban and Victor. I don’t care about Caliban’s storyline, I honestly don’t and Victor is a dumbass mothereffer who deserves all the shite he’s going to get because I guarantee his stupid ass plan regarding Brona!Lily is going to backfire spectacularly.
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