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In Memoriam: The 2016 Female Character Massacre

Let’s remember our women warriors…(here be spoilers)

The Great Female Character Massacre 2016 From Left To Right: Row One: Lexa; Laurel; Abbie; Amanda Row Two: Peggy; Cami; Denise; Davina

We’re gathered here today to remember the ladies of television 2016. This year we lost not one, not two, but eight badass ladies in a stark reminder that, though sisters be doing it for themselves, it’s still a man’s world.

We lost these characters for various plot mandated reasons yet there are real life warriors, of all genders, who could use your support.  Linked below are charities that you can donate to in their memory.


Commander Lexa

The 100

Cause Of Death: The incompetent shooting skills of those around her and a lack of awareness of tropes.

Survived by: Clarke; The Grounders

Charity to Donate in Memory Of: The Trevor Project


District Attorney Dinah Laurel Lance aka The Black Canary


Cause Of Death: Complete and utter disrespect of forty plus years of character history and of a talented actress;  mangst.

Survived by: Sara Lance; Quentin Lance; Actual comic book fans.

Charity to Donate in Memory Of: The Phoenix House


Agent Grace Abigail ‘Abbie’ Mills

Sleepy Hollow

Cause of Death: Seasonal rot of epic proportions; creators lack of understanding how chemistry works.

Survived by: Jennifer ‘Jenny’ Mills; Ichabod Crane

Charity to Donate in Memory Of:  Tunnel 2 Towers


Amanda Waller – Director of Argus


Cause of Death: Plot mandated murder; The DCCU

Survived by: No one as Arrow has no understanding of how morally grey characters work.

Charity to Donate in Memory Of: Veterans Of Foreign Wars


Agent Peggy Carter

Agent Carter

Cause of Death: Old age; Not being on Netflix

Survived by: Sharon Carter; Steve Rogers; James Barnes; Nicholas Fury; The Avengers; SHIELD

Charity to Donate in Memory Of: Wounded Warrior Project


Cami O’Connell

The Originals

Cause of Death: Centuries old bullshite; personality transplant

Survived by: Klaus, Marcel, continuing blood feuds.

Charity to Donate in Memory Of: Urgent Action Fund


Dr. Denise Cloyd

The Walking Dead

Cause of Death: Death by adaptation; inconvenient sexuality

Survived by: Tara

Charity to Donate In Memory Of: Doctors Without Borders


Davina Claire

The Originals

Cause of Death: More centuries old bullshite; Giving Marcel a storyline in the cheapest way possible

Survived by: her father, Marcelus Gerard Mikaelson; the entire psychotic Mikaelson family.

Charity to Donate in Memory Of: Institute for Global Engagement


Who’s your favorite character who left us this year? Male or female did you think their death was necessary or organic? Or were you pissed? Let us know in the comments below.

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    So many badass women, gone. For no damn reason.


  2. I agree i’m done with many of these shows

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  3. Patricia Mitchell // June 9, 2016 at 12:22 am //

    oh, Lexa… you were so cool. RIP

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