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The Mindy Project S4:E21

The calm before the storm…

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Under The Texan Sun

What The Actual Eff?

Mindy heads out to Texas to hang with Peter for a bit, on the world’s worst vacation. Before that happens though she heads over to drop Leo off at Danny’s and meets his newest slampiece. Who has apparently been spending time with Leo with Mindy having never met her ever.


This? Completely not effing okay, especially after the bs Danny has pulled throughout the season behind Mindy’s back regarding her dating anyone that’s not him.  

If It Works For You

So, of course, Mindy’s first full day at Lauren’s ridiculous McMansion she manages to a: be totally racist and assumes that the superhot guy who’s working on Lauren’s house is the pool boy (spoiler alert he’s really, really not) and b: get embroiled in Peter and Lauren’s marriage drama. A few apologies and some honesty later we find out that Peter and Lauren are expecting and once again see what a good friend Mindy is, especially in a clutch.

This is a solid if forgettable episode that’s pretty much a breather before shite gets real in the final stretch. The above mentioned behavior on Danny’s part, the previous Jody situation and various other drama is set for a collision course of derp that should be pretty epic.  

Lab Report

  • We’ve brought more babies into the world than a mid level rapper! – Mindy about her practice
  • Guys, I don’t like Lauren. Neither her actress, nor her character (who effed Jeremy up pretty much permanently by cheating on him with Peter back in season two #neverforget) but unfortunately now we’re stuck with her because of the baby. Yay.
  • I do love how this show deals with casual racism by pointing it out, taking it to its most logical conclusion and being hilarious about it.
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