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The Mindy Project S4:E20

Boundaries are funny things…

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The Greatest Date In The World

Uprising at Schulman and Associates!

Jeremy is holding one of his daily meetings and it’s a mess as always, but something good comes of it: the nurses demand a lounge of their own. Jeremy acquiesces as it’s a good idea, but gets his feelings hurt when the nurses actually do what the lounge is for: bitch about their bosses and jobs. It gets so bad that Mindy and Jody have to be the ones to have level heads about it.

Stay In Your Lane

Speaking of boundaries, Mindy crosses several in her quest to make sure her favorite patient doesn’t make a baby with her flake of a boyfriend. Mindy’s right: you can’t make someone be an adult and bringing a baby into the mix is a bad idea, but it’s irrelevant. It’s not her place to make Eden’s decisions for her, it’s her place to be there no matter what the decision is and make sure she has all the information available. Something Mindy knows, deep down, and admits to Jody privately.

Time To Nut Up

After going on several dates with Marcus, Mindy realizes that while he’s fun and she gets to see and do stuff she wouldn’t normally do, he’s not the kind of guy she can just stay home and watch a movie with. They break up, weirdly, but it’s all good. Especially after Jody stops by to apologize for being a bit of a jerk where Eden was concerned. While he was right in forcing Mindy to respect Eden’s boundaries he went about it the wrong way. They end up hanging out and watching Cars and Jody inadvertently shows his hand when he thinks Mindy isn’t paying attention.

The question is: what is Mindy going to do with that information? Is she even ready to do anything with it after the disaster that was Danny?

Lab Report

  • That was worth the racist encounter at the door! – Mindy on the club Marcus takes her to.
  • I don’t know who’s doing makeup and styling on this show but everyone, especially Mindy and Jody, has been been looking amazing lately.
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