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Game of Thrones S6: E5 Recap

Hold The Door….

Welcome PCU Fan-atics to our weekly Game of Thrones Recap! Can you believe we are halfway through this crazy season, and if tonight’s episode was any indication it shows no sign of slowing down.  Going into this episode, the Producers said it was going to be an “All -Timer”, they weren’t lying!  Now, before we get into the recap, if you missed last week’s episode check our recap right here. Without further ado let’s get this party started!

The Stark Sisters 

The moment I have been waiting for finally happened: Sansa confronts Petyr for what happened to her. I was a bit disappointed there wasn’t more violence in this confrontation, but watching a much more confident Sansa (who might I add is starting to resemble her mother) dig into Petyr was so satisfying.  Petyr though did give Sansa some interesting info: her uncle Brynden Tully has an army that would be loyal to her. This would come in handy as most of the larger houses in the North have allied with Ramsay Bolton. Jon and Sansa set out to convince the smaller houses to join Jon’s army, but Sansa sends Brienne to the Tullys. Now what’s interesting is that Sansa tells Jon of their Uncle but lies about how she received the info. Sansa also knows the families will follow the Stark name, something Jon is lacking, showing she is starting to play the “Game” herself.

Arya has been training and now has been given her first real test to prove she is no-one: assassinate the lead actress in a play about the death of her father. No offense but Arya has been trying to convince the Many Faced God she is “no one” and about that many people actually believe her. Now she has to confront a bit of her past and kill a seemingly innocent woman. This will be something else!

The Greyjoy Siblings in “Staying Alive 2: The Reckoning”

Yara and Theon show a united front in their bid to make Yara Queen of the Iron Islands. Just as it looks like they have swayed the people in their favor, good-ole brother murdering Uncle Euron shows up and stakes his claim. Thanks to his globe trotting and the fact he’s male, Euron easily captures the Iron Born sailors hearts. Before the ritual to crown Euron is finished Yara and Theon steal all the best ships and peace out. This was a very smart move because the first thing Euron wants to do as King is kill his niece and nephew. Where the Greyjoy siblings go is anyone’s guess, but they will have the entire Iron Island coming to kill them.

This Week on “Where’s Khaleesi?”

Khaleesi finally finds out about Jorah’s Greyscale sickness as they make their way back to Meereen. She orders him to find a cure and come back to her side no matter how long it takes, finally seeing how much Jorah truly loves her. Speaking of Meereen: Tyrion comes up with idea of using a Priestess of the Lord of Light to spread the message of Khaleesi’s deeds to the people. Varys, who was mutilated by a magician and skeptical of her abilities, got a taste of what the new Priestess Vala can do. The look on Varys’ face when Vala began to reveal private information about his past was priceless. I don’t believe we have ever seen that kind of fear from him. Needless to say they now have a very dangerous ally on their side.

“Hold the Door!”

Each week this season we have had at least one WTF moment of the night. Well tonight there were four by my count, all centered around Bran’s story.

  • WTF moment 1:
    • Bran during a vision sees that it was the “Children of the Forest” who created the “White Walkers” in order to kill men.
  • WTF 2:
    • Bran vision quests again, without the Three Eyed Raven, leading him face to face with the massive army of the dead. He sees The Night King and his generals who look right at him and then TNK grabs Bran thus marking him and breaking the wards of the cave.
  • WTF  3:
    • Because the The Night King and crew are on the way, the TER uploads everything to Bran who sees more of his father’s story as the White Walkers invade the cave. Game of Thrones now becomes  “The Walking Dead” as tons of zombie soldiers invade the cave killing everyone in their path, while Bran is stuck in the the vision. He hears Meera’s cries as she tries to wake him from the vision and reaches Hodor through his younger version which makes older Hodor spring into action. It also caused young Hodor to have a seizure during which he keeps reciting the last order his older self hears “Hold the Door” which becomes “Hodor”. We watch Hodor’s last moment as he holds the door closed until the zombie army breaks through allowing Meera and Bran to escape.
  • Yeah, Bran caused Hodor’s affliction and Hodor died, giving us the 4th WTF moment of the night.

This episode was off the hook, so I’m giving it 4 Hodor’s out of 5. What did you think of this episode and its revelations? Write it in the comments below, and for all things Game of Thrones stick with Pop Culture Uncovered.

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