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A Look Back on Sailor Says

How Serena taught me to be the best person I can be

“And please remember, real beauty really does come from inside.”

That was my first lesson I learned from watching Sailor Moon. I would set my alarm for five in the morning, and quickly silence it before my parents woke up to the loud jeering noises of my clock. Tip-toeing through the hallway that stretched down my house, I hesitated between ever creak I would create. I let our a deep sigh from holding my breath way too long as I finally reached the living room. Getting closer to the television, I forgo looking for the remote. Inching closely to the television screen knowing that the TV was turned on way too loud. My secret would wake everyone in the house up and depending on my reflexes, it could mean life or death. Light shined in my face brightly as I quickly used both hands to turn on the screen and quickly turn down the volume. Once at zero, I crept the volume up to a respectable level just in time to catch the theme song.

Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight; I would wrap myself in a blanket cocoon on the couch and catch that morning’s Sailor Moon and creep back to bed without anyone being the wiser. There were times where I would have to turn it off during the episode, my paranoia getting the best of me, but I would never miss the Sailor Says at the end of every episode. Hanging onto her every word, I would hear Serena give powerful messages that I feel are missing from the average person’s knowledge today. Looking back on them on, I had forgotten just how important some of these lessons are and should be talked about.



Never forgetting who you are, becoming patient, being comfortable with yourself, but most importantly, loving yourself are just some of the things that Serena chats about in these little tidbits. These little blurbs at the end of every show teaches you to be the best person you can be towards others as well as yourself. Even though they hide these lessons through an entertaining 90s show, the message is still there.

When I was little, I didn’t quite understand the way I do now. Even though I didn’t break down the issues they were tackling in the Sailor Says bits, I did know enough to put these lessons into practice. Telling the truth, facing your fears, and of course doing your homework (unlike Serena) were my little ways of being the best me I could be. We all strive to be the best, but sometimes we make mistakes. We’re all human, and she made sure to mention that too. Beginning with those little steps of respecting you and the world around you, it’s that much closer to being an awesome person. So the next time you’re feeling down about yourself, I strongly suggest checking out the video above and remember “You deserve the best. Don’t ever settle for less!”

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  1. I must admit I always skipped the Sailor Says parts. That’s probably because I was already too old to really appreciate someone telling me what I should do when I first watched Sailor Moon.


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