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NYCC’s Fan Verification Questions Revealed!

The New York Comic Con promoters have announced that this year’s NYCC Ticket Process will include a new “Fan Verification” system that will be mandatory in order to enable users to purchase tickets for October’s big event.

While NYCC organizers insist that this is to cut down on the scalping of tickets that has plagued the show from the very beginning, critics of the process accuse the show of gatekeeping. Information on this new policy can be found at the NYCC website.

Well, I did some digging with my mad hacking skills and found a copy online of what appears to be the questionnaire that will be presented to people when they log in on Friday May 20th to purchase tickets online.

Here is the list of questions that fans will be required to answer in order to have the chance to attend the convention:

Question 1) How many hairs are in George Perez’s goatee?
A) 1,326
B) 616
C) A crisis of infinite hairs
D) It’s a fake goatee.

Question 2) On a scale of 1 to 10, how much of a douchebag is Rob Granito?
A) 1
B) 10
C) Who?
D) My nerm is Rob Granito and I’m toltylly not a dooshbagg.

Question 3) What was your opinion on the ending of Man of Steel?
A) Superman did what he had to do, and it was a wise choice.
B) Killing Zod is completely out of character and set a bad precedent for the rest of the DC movie universe.
C) I went into seizures from all of the destruction porn and missed it. How DID it end?
D) My name is Mark Waid.

Question 4) If you were stranded on a desert island with a comic book character, who would you choose?
A) Harley Quinn           B) Power Girl
C) Wonder Woman     D) Catwoman
E) Storm                         F) Kitty Pryde
G) Spider-Gwen           H) That girl with the boobs from that Zenescope cover.
I) Um, this question is a little sexist, isn’t it? And kind of stereotypical.

Question 5) Which Marvel movie is your favorite?
A) Captain America: Civil War
B) Guardians of the Galaxy
C) Captain America: The Winter Soldier
D) The Avengers
E) Iron Man 2
NOTE: If you selected “E”, please go to the end of the survey and do not answer any more questions.

Question 6) Are you a cosplayer?
A) Yes (please proceed to question 6A)
B) No
C) Depends…does paint on your boobs count?
D) What’s a cosplayer?

Question 6A) Since you are a cosplayer, does your costume have pockets?
A) Yes
B) No
C) What are pockets?

Question 7) Do you own any comics published by a company other than Marvel or DC?
A) Yes
B) No
C) There are other companies who publish comics?

Question 8) How much money do you plan to spend in Artists Alley?
A) $0-$25
B) $26-$100
C) $101-$999
D) $1000+
E) Wait…you have artists here?

Question 9) Do you plan to spend money on food inside the convention center?
A) Yes, it’s all about the convenience.
B) No, I’m going to get food from a vendor outside for half the price and hope I can get back in.
C) I’m broke and plan on fighting Pizza Rat for whatever he can find on the subway.

Question 10) What site do you plan to use when you eventually scalp these tickets?
A) Craigslist
B) StubHub
C) None: I will be standing outside of the convention center selling them.
D) Screw you! I’m keeping these and using them.

There you have it. Nothing like the comic book knowledge test that the critics are accusing the organizers of using. This should definitely work in making sure the correct people attend the NYCC show and there’s no way this could possibly backfire in any way.

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