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Gotham S3:E21 Recap

Holy balls it’s on…

A Legion of Horribles

Well, You’re In It Now

With Selina missing Bruce finally admits he screwed up and goes to his dads for backup. After Alfred reads him the riot act for dragging Selina back into his mess after Alfred expressly forbid him from doing so, they game plan a rescue which essentially boils down to walking right through the front door.  Unfortunately Hugo knew Thomas, and therefore Bruce, well and has a trap ready for them. Lucius and Bruce end up at the mercy of Ed and a room full of poison gas while Jim gets strapped down, drugged and switched with Clayface. While Harvey and Alfred are mounting an assault with the entire GCPD as backup it doesn’t look good….

Sisters Be Doing It For Themselves

It’s a good thing then, that Selina, through reasoning and then some epic bs, has not only rescued herself but gotten Firefly to side with her against Strange. The two of them plot their breakout, and not a moment too soon, as Strange gets pulled up by the Court Of Owls who would very much like to know what in the seventh level of hell he’s doing with their money. Seems setting Azrael and Fries on Jim is not what what they’re paying him to do and they see no point in being able to resurrect someone if they don’t actually remember who they are. Hugo’s instructed to blow Indian Hill, and everyone in it, up before returning to the fold for what I imagine isn’t a simple dressing down. But Hugo gets himself a slight reprieve because….

Don’t Call It A Comeback


Yeah, Hugo refined his technique and used it on Fish and not only did she come back (with hair, makeup and nails ON FLEEK) but with her full memories and, unbeknownst to Hugo and Peabody, the power of persuasion like whoa! Fish warns them, before she realizes she has abilities, that keeping her against her will is going to end poorly for them but Hugo and Peabody are arrogant and truly have no flipping clue whom they’re dealing with.

It’s about to go down.

  • So…is Fish Poison Ivy?
  • Speaking of: Ivy sighting!
  • I’m fairly certain that Harvey is going to realize ‘Jim’ isn’t Jim before anyone else does, if not Barbara will…
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