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People react to Black Panther “90% Black” casting statement

Small segments of the comic community have been shaken to the core as many react to only the headlines of an article by that stated that Black Panther movie makers won’t cast White actors thanks to the radical Left.

To quote actual sources however, Kevin Feige told The Empire Film Podcast,

“That will be among the best ensembles we’ve ever had, 90 percent of the cast is either African or African-American.”

The news comes on the heels of casting issues that have arisen in such movies as Gods of Egypt and Exodus: Gods and Kings; movies in which the settings primarily take place in Africa but did not cast any persons of color in lead roles.  At all.   Marvel still has yet to adequately address the issue with Tilda Swinton’s role in Dr. Strange which many have literally stopped holding their breaths for. After the outcry that has come from all sectors regarding Dr. Strange, Feige’s statement may be a sign that movie makers are trying to avoid mistakes that others have made.  Take Town’s  article squarely lays blame on the liberal left for a movie that would accurately attempt to create a movie about a fictional character from a fictional land in a real continent such as Africa where people of color actually live.

Meantime, small pockets of outrage have barely arisen over this critical decision. No cities have been burned down due to riots, no arrests have been reported, nor has any medical centers reported any casualties.  There have been isolated reports of minor injuries such as butthurt feelings , injured pride, and smatterings of white tears. For the most part, many have awakened and the world was the same today as it was when many went to sleep last night.

A simulation of how it would look if bigoted White people actually cared enough to riot over Black Panther’s casting.

There was one man from a small Colorado town who stars on a major long running reality series who had a lot to say on this topic.   Going by the name of Randy M., when asked about the casting, he stated, “They terk our jerbs!”  and the rest of his statement was indecipherable.

We did speak however to another TV star who wanted to remain anonymous, (a white man who suffers from re-vitiligo) whose show has been cancelled since 2014.  He believes that because of his condition he has not been able to find work because Black people have taken all of the roles.  When asked if he would support the making of this movie, he told us that if this movie was made, he would leave America but, “Due to the conditions of my parole, I am unable to leave the country at this time. I am forced to remain here, and express my extreme displeasure…”

The article furthermore believes that Marvel should be ashamed of itself for casting such a capable, ensemble cast and believes that they are engaging in a discriminatory practice by doing so.  Does this casting open up the doors for blackwashing?  With the 10% that is left over, is it entirely possible that Marvel would fill in those roles with Black people who could pass for white?  Does this open the doors for  Wentworth Miller, a Black actor who passes for white, be stereotypically cast as yet another villain such as Killmonger or even Man-Ape?  The possibilities are endless albeit limited due to the 10% Whiteness.

Take Town believes that if Marvel continues on this path, the movie will suffer because of so many White actors who will be left out of work for no reason at all thus no White people will ever want to see this movie, ever.

We applaud Take Town for taking a stand against discrimination by pointing out the glaring flaws of left wing media’s casting of this failure of a movie and the obvious trolling of those who actually got angry over Feige’s casting  comments and failed to understand the tone of their article.

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